KontrolFreek and Monster Gameplay


I was wondering, does anyone use those niffy little things? And if yes, have you tried playing with them as a Monster? Does it improve your Rock Throw as Goliath? (Just curious)


Lol I was just at their site and looking for recommendations on Evolve, hoping one of my sugardaddys would get them for me.

I would expect the vortex one to help, because it has a wide range of motion which would help with turning and moving around. They’re also supposed to help increase aiming.


I learn something new about you azmi, every day…

Yeah I was thinking about taking the vortex or otherwise these: https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.ca%2FKontrolFreek-FPS-CQCX-Xbox360-Domed%2Fdp%2FB00MMJE4S6&h=-AQHTnGl0&s=1.

I am afraid though that the height increase might mess with my button combo as Monster, so I’m still looking before making my final decision. Also @Azmi_Anuar, you are on PC too right?


I have an Elite Controller. Helps with Hunter, I forget to use it with Monsters…


O.O you use the controller for Hunters on PC?


Azmi how messed up can you get =_=



Back on topic I have no idea what a kontrolFreek is… I play on xbox and I use an xbox controller :stuck_out_tongue:


a brief explanation:

The height increase allows you to put less weight with your thumb to go from one side to another, therefore increasing how easier it is to pinpoint (improved accuracy). This, together with a notch higher sensitivity for controller, apparently does wonders.


huh just seems like a ripoff to me :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought that at first, but I’ve been reading lots of reviews online (both from game websites and comments from buyers) and most of them cant see themselves go away from it.


ehh I don’t need grip I can hold my joysticks just fine


Be aware that KontrolFreek sponsor basically all gamingyoutubers; I’ve seen a guy with a couple hundred subs and mentions them in every sentence and has his own discount code.


It was the only brand that came into mind, I know there are other but just cant seem to find them online.


Yes and Yes. However it is a matter of getting used to them but I personally like them a lot.


Which specific ones do you use? They got so many variations, I dont which one to go for honestly :stuck_out_tongue:


Umm I got them ages ago so Ill try and find the link. I also don’t use 2 I only use 1 on the right stick normally but I have found it helps with accuracy. You will hate them or find them strange for a bit though as they feel odd but now I can’t play console without them.


I replaced my analog sticks on my PS4 controller to hard plastic analog sticks with grooves around the edges. I really like these over the KFs I used on my PS3 controller.


Right if you go on there website and you look on the right click “buyers guide” then you do a quick quiz and it will tell you what the best ones are for what you want when gaming.


So there are specialized sticks?


It basically recommends you which stick to get for what you are trying to achieve.