[Known] Wraith warp auto targets hunters


I’m preeetty sure it wasn’t like that pre patch and I don’t like how it is now. I was about to post it in the bug section, but it’s probably one of those “working as intended” things…

In this video I tried to warp past him on purpose. I aimed next to him and held my stick in the same direction I was looking at, but still my wraith thinks I want to go somewhere else :confused:

This is bad especially when I want to get out of combat after the dome drops, but instead of warping away from the hunters, the auto-aim drags me towards them :frowning:

What are your thoughts?

Edit: This is on ps4, auto aim is turned off.


A lot of people have reported this issue hopefully TRS fixes it. poor wraith is so lonely ;_;


Yep. Played Wraith 2 games and couldn’t take it, lost both times because I warped away from the Lazarus that was going for a rez. Hopefully it is fixed soon.


Changed this to bugs.


Yeah it’s been reported a couple of times since the patch. We’re all waiting for this to be fixed. I’ve been holding back on playing as monster because of this bug. And as a result of that, I have been holding back from playing at all because the new matchmaking system is mixing people who’ve been playing for days with people who have been playing for months.


@MrStrategio @Shaners

This, or some version of this bug, is still occuring in PS4.

I can’t tell if the problem is that Warp is still auto-targeting nearby hunters instead of allowing Wraith to warp in direction of movement / camera aim…


If the bug prevents wraith from Warp-ing straight upwards.

On multiple matches sonce the hotpatch, I’ve attempted to chase hunters straight up in the air or to fly straight up in order to get a good angle to disengage and run, only to stay on the ground. I don’t know if this is Wraith warping back and forth between auto-targetted hunters or if she simply expends a traversal without really moving anywhere.

Has anyone else encountered this while playing wraith since the most recent patch?

  • Yes, and it’s costing me a lot of health / games.

  • Yeah, think I might have seen it once.

  • Yes, and I play on Xbox or PC.

  • Huh? No. What are this?

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We are aware this is still occurring on PS4! This will be fixed in an upcoming update for sure!
Thank you for the data!


Haha yvw.

But… Fix it, or I’ll tell @Insane_521 Cory’s wraith to “sic 'em” on you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t fix bugs. @Insane_521 does. hahahaha


So, @Insane_521, looks like if this bug isn’t fixed soon - we’re gonna '“sic 'em” your own wraith on yourself.

… I don’t know what that means but it sounds pretty rough, brah.

Ball’s in your court.


“this is still occurring on PS4!”

And Xbox One too…

Show love for us all.


It shouldn’t be occurring on XB1. Is this still an issue for you?


It still occurs on both consoles in 5.1. Sadly we only were able to get a partial fix for it into the console 5.1 patch before we had to submit it to Microsoft and Sony. It’s improved over how it was in 5.0, but it’s still not entirely fixed. It will be fixed for consoles in the next update.


Is this going to be fixed in the next console update? This bug is still well and alive on xbox one. It gives me teh sads :c


Read the post right above yours lol.