[Known - Potential fix incoming] PS4 Gamepad Input Lag is way too high - Comparison PS4 vs. PC


So I play on both PC and PS4 and on PC the input of my Gamepad is way faster than on my PS4. Its very hard to aim with that weird Input Lag on PS4.

I have made a comparison about the input lag. PC vs. PS4.

I have seen there are other posts out there about this issue. Please fix it TRS, please.

Both Videos have the same slow motion effect (1.6 or something) so they are comparable. This Video was made to illustrate the differeces better. Its slow motion cause you cant see it that good if its in real time. So just for showing the issue.

But you guys have right some people will miss interpret it. As I watched the Video today again even I was thinking its a delay of 0.5 secs but this cant be. I will create a new video without slow motion that we get the real times.

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Hi @TatzyXY!

I can say that we had our internal QA checking on the status of this in our most recent internal builds just before the Thanksgiving holiday. It looked like there was improvement, so I’m hoping that in a title update or two we’ll have something for you to test with and see improvement on!


Thank you for your attention and hearing me. I am really excited about the fix. Thank you very much.


Wait so you’re saying there’s a .5 second delay on ps4?


Yep, and that is absolutely killer.


Hmmmmmmmmmm can’t say I’ve felt that. And something as severve as half a second I would be feeling that.


I can feel it on the shield and dome.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I’ll have to play around with this. You mean hank’s shield?


Yes, exactly thats it.

Edit: No its not! In this slow mo its 0.5 secs.


Ah FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS! The delay is extreme on ps4 lol. It is very bad.


I’ve certainly felt it a fair few times, particularly with things like Hank’s shield, the Assault’s Personal Shield, etc. Though, initially I passed it off as lag.

Edit: In fact, I’d wager that it also plays a factor as to why I feel Cabot’s so mediocre, as well. Since it’d affect him quite heavily.


Hanks and PS.


Yes of course. When you Shot, Shield, Healburst on all actions are lags but the worst for me are the view controls. It feels so sluggish and not instant. You cant aim well if your input is delayed. On PC with Gamepad no Problem…


cant say I usually notice it (but I also have nothing to compare it too)except when I play assault. That shield is so slow to start from it. Really got to be careful when your low health. Can’t just pop it last second which sucks.


Oh, something else I thought of to keep in mind - you can only do a comparison if when using the same TV/monitor for the comparison. TVs are notorious for adding lag time due to settings they have that will make the visual quality better.

That’s why you’ll see fighting game players fiddle with TV settings for dayyyyyyyz before actually playing. So, be sure to check your TV settings, because that could also result in some improvement!


Would the refresh rate play a factor in this?



damn that explains a ton why I found it so hard to aim on there.


So is this why there’s that annoying delay when trying to eat as a Monster on Ps4?

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Yes but for this Bug it neverminds. Because the main lag is in the game and all my tvs are running in game mode where all Post proccessing of the tvs are disabled. So all tvs are fast enough and never would add a delay of 0.4 sec :wink:

But its true no game mode or wrong settings on tv can make also a very sluggish Image. But this is a different issue and not what we are seeing here.

PC vs. Console - On which platform is Evolve harder? What do you think?

And no, it isn’t because I suck, I feel I should clarify >.>

If I can hit human enemies in FC4 with a pistol while driving a car then I shouldn’t have a problem shooting the 2 story tall monster >.>