[Known] - PLEASE RELAUNCH - DLC Locked on All Platforms

Hi guys!

There is a currently a server side issue (aka not caused by the patch) that is causing DLC to be locked on all platforms. We’re aware and trying to get this fixed ASAP!

For updates, please come back to this thread, which is where I will be posting any info I have.



This has now been resolved! If you currently have the game open, please restart, and your DLC should be back. Thank you!

Please note, if you are on XBoxOne, Jack will not show up until the store is updated around 5 PM PST. Thanks!

[UPDATE 2 - 11/16/2015]

This thread was reopened with a new issue and separate issue than this thread was originally tracking. If you’re experiencing DLC issues currently, please go check out this thread:


Welp. Time to play rebalanced vanilla then. Still excited.

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Hey, I still have most of my stuff, but I noticed that my Frostbite Skin is gone for Goliath. Is there any specific reason this occured?


Can we still use DLC in solo? Thats all that I care about right now.

Now I am glad I am stuck at work for the next couple hours…


No DLC anywhere. solo or otherwise

As far as I’ve seen, the dlc’s are locked and Wraith got a new hunter tracking traversal on close range. Hard to disengage…

Edit: Nothing else as of yet.

What’s this about the wraith??

Can I get a little advice. I was about to do the update just now when I read about about all the problems it’s caused, losing DLC hunters, etc
Should I do the update and bare with these glitches or wait a day or two once these issues have been solved. Thx

This problem isn’t being caused the patch. It’s a server side issue.


Oh thanks thought i was the only 1…

When you play Wraith and attack the hunters and want to traverse backwards, you’ll instead go towards any close hunter.

Edit: Think of it as the auto-target for the hunters but it goes unwillingly for the monster, sometimes…

Indeed having this issue with both my PCMR copy of Evolve, and xbox one copy. Every thing is locked and on my PCMR copy it’s saying that the patch is still incoming, not that it’s currently downloaded and ready to go. it’s all good, as I’m sure they need a bit of time to shake the scale out.

I’m gonna post this over on the Steam forums as well.


Do you know the ETA of the fix…? and what has caused this,it’s very annoying it puts a damper on my Evolve experience again i’m afraid !!


I lost all my DLC except for Jack lol


I guess it’s just as well that I’m sick. :confused: Thanks for the update.

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That’s strange all my T4 and new hunters are locked and behemouth

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Maybe Jack loves you…