[Known]Hot Swapping causes Class Abilities to not work

^The title baisically It will be fully charged but it won’t activate even if I am pressing the button. Also, I have noticed that it happens mostly after i switch from medic (if my first choice) to other classes.

I haven’t been able to recreate it but that is when it seems to happen. It happens both offline and online.

I have had this happen before with Hanks orbital.

I haven’t had THAT happen, only with the class abilities.

Bumping since this bug is super annoying and happens often enough that I want it looked into.

This is a known bug with hotswapping and abilities. where it continues to show the previous hunter’s ability status and cooldowns over the new hunters.

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Thank you for the update :smile:

There’s also a bug for me where it would show that my teammates are dead on the class icon, happens whenever character swapping happens. Is that a related bug?