[Known] Game-breaking Abduction Bug [PC]

Just played a game of Hunt and this fucking bug just cost me the game.

Mid-way through the game I glitched out and I couldn’t abduct. I was fighting a Laz + Hank + Jack + Torvald combo so having abduction glitch out like this cost me the entire fucking game I would’ve won.

I got away at one point and I recorded the bug itself before going back in, and ultimately getting destroyed because I’d either accidentally activate abduction OR I would do it intentionally and then be stuck for the next 15 seconds under mortars, and an orbital.

Since I lost my main ability to counter Lazarus my only choice was to cheese relay but of course, that failed since I couldn’t do shit if I accidentally activated abduction.

To the actual glitch, it made abduction act as if I was holding down the button and I sat there moving at a single mph and slowly falling.

As you can see, after I activate abduction I can hardly move and I am stuck in the animation, abduction doesn’t trigger until 15 seconds later where suddenly it just stops.

As much as I love this game it is a major pain in the butt sometimes :confused:

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This is one of the main reasons I dont play Wraith, this bug usually happens once a game and it does cost you alot.

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I can’t win against premades unless I’m Wraith, I need the speed and damage that she but no other Monster has but since the patch she is just littered with bugs :confused:

Yup thats why I dont play Evolve atm :wink:

The game is just not fun right now. Wraith has been my favorite but currently there are just a lot of bugs that I run into and its always with a premade. I fought these guys S1, 2, and 3. I got away with 2 strikes on Laz by S3 and would’ve won but was cheated out of the win because of this :angry:

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You sound salty, why don’t you go jump into a tyrant? :wink:

Nope I’m going to stay and orbital your topic :wink:

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What system? I’ve never seen this before (PC).

Ah yes, I’ve encountered this glitch before on consoles. I thought he was just holding down the button but turns out he wasn’t.

Wraith needs more bugs so I can annihilate her easier. :smiling_imp:

^ That ^

It should be a known bug, it has been happening since launch. Sometimes twice per game, sometimes once every 20 games. But it happens. From what I have noticed Maggie harpoons are the trigger, but your game was with Jack.

My game was Laz + Hank + Jack + Markov, it first happened when I went to abduct Laz then got stuck for 15 seconds as he went and rezzed Jack -_-

Thank you very much for the video and info. We currently have been able to reproduce this within the studio and are working towards fixing it!

Thank you again! :slight_smile:

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Glad to be of help!

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Yeeeey finally

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good job…

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