[Known] Evolve trying to give me seizures (PC) (Nvidia) (Most current drivers)

WHAT?! Are you serious?

Totally serious, it was a Hunt game last night on Xbox.

Did you happen to save a video, ideally starting before it occurred?

Yeah I had thius bug a while back and seems to just happen with Sunny. (X1)

No, sorry :frowning: The screen shots above are exactly the issue I was seeing, super bright off-yellow flashes.

Did you hotswap at all in the match?

No, the match was full the entire time. I was in a party with the person playing Hank at the time.

Yes, I started the game as Sunny, hotswapped to Jack, then got pushed back to Sunny when a 4th player joined

I think I did, yeah. Nice catch.

Hotswap is the source of all things bugged, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

You’re gonna love me for this. It happened again, again with Val. My controller disconnected and when I reconnected it started up right after. Also, I joined this game mid-match. It was me as Val, Hank, Maggie, and Lennox vs Meteor Goliath.
Oh and to top it off, I have a video for you of the moment it started.
Let me know if that link works for you.
Yes yes, I know you love me. :smile:
@Shaners @MajorLeeHyper

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That’s actually a different bug, although it’s very similar to Sunny’s.
Ah screw it, it’s pretty much the same issue.

Man, I feel bad for TRS trying to fix this.
All we know is that

  1. It seems to be related to the tool’s particles/effects. Yellow for Sunny’s Booster, green for Val’s Medgun.

  2. It occurs after taking over from the bot (since the AI kicked in when your controller disconnected.)

It actually looks like it shouldn’t be all that bad to replicate. My controller disconnected while I was using the medgun and reconnected while the bot was using the medgun and the next time I used the medgun it started to flash. (and yes, I totally agree that it has to do with the particle effects for the medgun and booster)

But I’ve been trying to reproduce it for the last few days to no avail. :frowning:

Ummm… Okay, so I was certain this bug was already logged. It occurs through Hotswapping on Sunny’s Jetpack booster and Val’s Tanq Gun only. This bug was reported in a thread about 2 weeks ago.

It would appear that this bug managed to slip through the net?

20 days ago it was first logged.

I just have the same problem

( 2x 780GTX, 1440p, driver 355.82 )

Good Luck guys

I’ve seen this on XB1, too.
A teammate of mine had it when switching back and forth with the Trapper and Support class when one is a bot. @TomsMeatPlatter wanna post the video? He was playing Sunny, hot swapped to the Trapper, then when he went back to Sunny he couldn’t use the Jetpack Booster cause the screen when all quad-like and bright.

This guy just mentioned it on PS4 today, too:

@MajorLeeHyper, @TomsMeatPlatter uploaded this video from the other night when we played on XB1

He was playing as Sunny in this match. Around 8min into the video, he had already hotswapped to Crow to catch the Monster and then went back to Sunny and had the glitch for the rest of the game.

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This is also one where we had 2 Bobs in a match and I got the Hotswap glitch when I swapped to Medic.

The glitch shows up at the 15 minute mark

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After the crash it looks like the Capture Card got all muffed up. It looked fine while I was playing!