[Known] Can't choose hunters in Skirmish Mode


Did I miss something? Why can’t we choose who we want to play as in skirmish anymore? Is it just to make it quicker?


Last time I played Skirmish I was still able to choose my character as normal. If you’re talking about queuing as monster/hunter or hunter class selection, those are Hunt 2.0 thing, and Skirmish has kept the old role preference system in place.


Edited your title and topic to better illustrate the issue at hand.


Hunt 2.0 has the specific “Monster” or “Hunter” queues. Skirmish has the old preference system.

This isn’t a bug.


I didnt put this in bugs, but it appears it was appropriately changed since it shouldn’t be happening. I just played three games that never let us pick our players. In fact it skipped the whole dropship as well and we start the game dropping with random characters.


3 games would be quite a coincidence, but are you sure you’re not just joining in to games in progress? If they all dropped you into the game at the same particular moment during the drop though, that would definitely point to a very odd bug.


Nope, thought so the first time, but I was in the same party after the game going straight into another and we talked about it when it happened again. As long as it wasn’t a change to this then I’m fine.


That’s really weird. Never had that one. O.o


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What platform do you play on?

Thank you!


Xb1. I haven’t run into since.

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