[Known] 2 Monster Bug


I joined a game as Blitz on refueling tower. When fighting the monster, it didn’t seem right. I felt like I was lagging all over the place, but with 60ms ping, I was fine. Turns out there were 2 Krakens. I dunno if it’s hacks, but I’ve never seen a game like this when I’ve been playing since release.

I guess this is going to be my new background:

If you want I can link the Monsters/Hunters profiles.

Plz Fix.


Let me guess, you’re on xbox? It’s a known bug, no hackers here =)


It’s a bug, known for awhile. Pretty funny actually.


No, PC.

First time that I’ve seen it. As if an OP Kraken wasn’t enough…


Yes this is known as the 2 monsters bug. There have been multiple posts about these like 2 wraiths, 2 behemoths, etc

Sure it is a terrible game for hunters but is is fun as hell otherwise.


i actually had this happen once with two gorgons and i was so confused. we even won in the end… it was an experience. it hardly happens, but yea it’s thing.


I can only imagine what it would come out from a match where there are two Bobs. What if they are on the opposite side and they tongue grab in the same instant the same hunter who is between them?


Title edit: Changed title from “Hackers”, as this is a bug. You may re-edit the title as you please (but please try to relate it to the bug so people know what the bug topic is on.)

As others have said, it’s a known bug where two monster players are placed into the same bug. It’s very rare, so it’s not something you’d see often.


I didn’t know that this was a bug, so that’s why I said hacks.


That was me! :smile: :grinning: I made a monster friend!


I know :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just letting you know that I changed the title, and if you don’t prefer what it says now, you can feel free to edit it. I always add a “title edit” message to the OP when I edit the title or move the topic to a different category.


The other kraken and i had a supper weird texture


The problem was that there were Krakens. I could live with 2 Golaiths, etc.


But the two krakens look like the children of and elder kraken


Kraken is my favorite monster, but it’s sad to see him OP.


I have always played kraken and i hate the changes to vortex and banshee mines. Vortex is pretty worthless and banshee mines and more like missiles.


This is a known bug, not hacking.

Now, @Rapterror if you’d do the honors and remove it from the title.

Thanks @TheMountainThatRoars


Its already done shredder


For the record please do not go against judgement and change back the title to have “Hackers?”. It’s not hacking so please don’t change the title back to include it.


Wasn’t when I made the post.