Kingdom Come: Deliverance Discussion (PC)


Ever wanted to live out the events of the real life kidnapping of Wenceslas IV by his brother Sigismund?

No magic. No classes. No useless NPC’s. No talk of arrows in knees. Instead you’ll get to play in a 16 square kilometers of 15th century war-torn Bohemia. Even take part in military sieges!

Sounds like they’ve been working hard to make it as historically accurate as possible too. With intricate skill and dialogue systems.

I’m going to pick this up soon. Figured maybe there are others who might be interested.

Here’s a quick intro article.

For those interested:


Game’s ruined, I’m out.

In all seriousness, it looks really cool, and I’d be interested in the beta if I had the opportunity.

I don’t like the comparison between Skyrim, the Witcher, and this. While I get the point in that they’re trying to convey how immersive it is, those two are not much like this game other than that. They’re both heavy fantasy with no historical accuracy, arrows to knees, magic, and all kinds of nonsensical fuckery.

Still, looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


You can get in the beta now, just have to buy the game! :slight_smile:


I think I’ll just watch some stuff on youtube before I commit my wallet.





Wow, they’re really taking this all the way…


Yeah, that’s…that’s a bit much for me…


This being streamed on Twitch yet?
That’s what I usually do before committing.


I wouldn’t doubt it. I’ve seen some YouTube videos.


$500 huh? I can either buy another PS4 for my brother and get a decent TV for him to play it on, or the limited edition of this game…


To be fair, you do get a sword.


Does it come with a license to kill?


[size=4]in game[/size]


That’s highly disappointing then.


This seems like an interesting game. It’s being developed on xbox and ps4 too so I’ll keep my eye on it for when it does eventually release on consoles.


Just wondering because some companies won’t let you stream their betas and such, but YT videos are fair game.


Ahh, I can’t say for sure. The only streams I watch are Evolve streams.


I watch the Creative section every day, gotta keep my creative juices flowing


This guys playing right now :slight_smile: