King is he as good as the leaderboard states


Its quite funny how this guy is like 191-0 using goliath ppl may look at the leaderboards and think yeh this guy is amazing but and i say but u aint that amazing king hopefully ur reading this u might be good but dcing everytime ur about too lose really makes u look like a butthurt kid leaderboards really must mean alot too ppl like this i have seen alot of ppl doing this but this guy especially make me LOL i know he has losses as i just encountered this guy doing excatly this Railgun FTW…


I like King. He’s the best of us. Keep fucking 'em King they just get so angry when U do whatever U do. I love U.


He leaves a game he is about to lose. Hence why I think the leaderboards should be wiped after we the Dev’s fix the problem.


He is the best at spending a lot of time on evolve lol


He disconnects any time he’s going to lose.


Sorry, no call-outs on the forum. Instances of cheating/hacking/game leaving should be reported to 2K and TRS with evidence. This topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed.