King has been defeated by


another booster who assume.

no seriously, seems that some players know how to cheat the leaderboard hard.


everything looks legit to me. king obviously needs to play more in order to rack up a million wins


Leaderboards are more than likely getting a complete wipe so it doesn’t really matter.


A fun little past time, I think that we’ll catch,
watching King’s Win-Loss rate break records, Post-patch.


I can already see it in his face.

‘‘MOTHER****ING HACKER, I AM TOP GOLIATH’’ ( no he isn’t )


“This game is so broken, and so not fun.
God dammit TRS, give me a refund.”


seems very legit to me


yea he just quits hen he gets whip


I beat King twice on Stage One. He’s really fucking up focuses.


I like this guy. He added 1,000,000 games, yes- but also 1,000,000 losses. He’s showing how broken and flawed the leaderboards are. He is a fine champion among men. And women. And animals.


Leaderboard issue is known, and is being looked in to. This topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed.