Kinda surprised this hasn't been posted yet...(as a separate topic) [TRS Stream]

Let’s catch up

— Turtle Rock Studios (@TurtleRock) September 11, 2019

‪We added some more to this announcement! We want to temper expectations. We won’t be showing a trailer or revealing any big news. Mainly we are brushing dust off our twitch channel and want to give an update on what our community content will look like. Basically, we want to catch up and tell you our plans going forward and what we’ve been working on community wise. Not so much game details.


Yeppers! We’re pretty excited to jump back on Twitch.
Come see our faces and chat with us on stream (´ᴖωᴖ`). Or just pull up a chair and have some coffee/tea with us. I always enjoy a sharing good cup of coffee with amazing peoples~♡


Me right now:

Can’t wait to see you guys!


There is a warm fuzzy feeling about having the livestreams back. Reminds me some good ol’ days. :blush:


Will the livestreams be a frequent re-occuring thing from here on out or just to give us an update and won’t be returning until your next IP’s announcement?


I would love to have the livestream on a regular schedule! MissMurder and I will be paying special attention this first one to gauge the frequency and duration of the stream. We really don’t like leaving the community in the dark for so long, so even if there aren’t things we can share about Back 4 Blood right now, we would like to show our faces and chat with everyone!


Perhaps a livestream of devs playing their favorite games or against each other? Could make a gaming tournament between the clans in-studio that’s then livestreamed.

Just throwing some suggestions out there, looking forward to the stream! :slight_smile:


I think TRS streams that have showed off the people behind TRS have always been engaging, at least from my perspective! Even if it’s just devs talking about what’s on their mind or, as @DarKastle says playing games :smiley:


I just want to say that @BurntToast is a true gamer, she was so focused throughout the stream. XD

Also @MissMurder that shirt does look like it was bought from a bootleg store sold outside a LOTR concert haha. But that makes it special I guess.

Was great seeing your faces and getting to know you better. Too bad you can’t share any details yet from B4B but hope to see more gamestreams like these.