Kinda Pitiful (Europe ESL Brackets)


I was looking at the current brackets for the US and Europe, USA has stacks and stacks of teams that were duking it out for the top spots. I figured Europe would fare the same,

Until I clicked on the bracket…

And only saw two confirmed teams…

If anyone from Europe is on the forums currently, could you tell me how Evolve was marketed there? Because all I can think is that it’s either nonexistent for you guys, or europeans just don’t like online game tourneys (which is an opinion I’ll respect entirely no reason to explain or defend if it’s the latters)



I think the whole pro gaming thing does not really draw remotely as many people in as it does in America. At least on consoles, that is. There’s definitely MORE appeal for American anyways, although I can tell you from experience English and German players loved to participate in CoD e-sport stuff. As far as Evolve’s marketing goes: German here. I live in a rather large city (one of the biggest in Germany anyways) and we had TV spots (which are obviously broadcasted in the other cities as well) and lots of print advertisment. Like on bus stops, train stations etc. So I imagine every bigger place had this treatment, so I’d reckon the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Scandinavia and some other places has the same or slightly more/less exposure. It most likely does not compete with USA’s marketing though.


Thanks mate.


It’s purely Evolve, there’s plenty of tourneys for other games and plenty of people playing them. Honestly imo playing Evolve competitively just doesn’t work. There’s too many variables and too much randomness/luck outside players gameplay for anyone who takes gaming tourneys seriously. I’m really surprised there’s people playing it comp is US, because really it doesn’t work