Kinda lame us pc players need to wait


While consoles get to play/stream right now.


Only xbox gets a day earlier bcs microsoft has MONEY :slight_smile:


Holy crap that was a fast response XD, and yeah…hilarious seeing as pc is also microsoft in a way.


Join the stream!


Your pc is not made by microsoft, almost evrything about the xbox is :slight_smile:


True, but the operating system we are all using go them here for the most part. :stuck_out_tongue:


XBone is just trying to get more people involved with their system. Right now, there are only a few decent titles for both and PS4 was winning the console war for a while. Microsoft is just trying to edge that line more.


But not the real war, PC is just watching and laughing :slight_smile:


Politics boys, politics.


PC isn’t Microsoft in anyway unless you’re using Windows. That is considerably different than a console. Microsoft is the platform of release in the Xbox One’s case, where as Steam is the platform for the PC release. Technically, Steam could have throwna bucket of money to 2K and TRS for an extra day, but I doubt it matters.

I’m all for extra money going to Evolve. Plus, the only thing extra that Xbox One gets is the opportunity to bring out the bugs before we even have to play!


I think we all know what’s the best system… The banana4


Dont forget the nimbustoaster 9000.


And it works!


So according to Microsoft Xbox gamers are “first class citizens” apparently. We PC gamers are somewhere between second class citizens and pond scum. This is why we must wait. Thanks Microsoft! :wink:


HAH, seems that way.


Instead of Steam throwing money at devs for timed exclusive bullshit… we get 75% off mega sales twice a year :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Actually, “I want Xbox to to feel like it is a first class citizen when an indie game launches.”

Only the Xbox is a first class citizen.


It could use the self esteem boost.


Honestly, it’s good for the game.

XBoned owners will see this timed xlcusive cause MS will promote it and it’ll whip up more hype for the game.


Yeah, it could. The Wii U is now outselling it and commonly provides better fps and nearly as good resolution. Not a good sign.

/disgruntled PC gamer tired of being neglected by Microsoft