Kinda dont understand well phase 3 in game. Why they all run to reactor?


Ye, seems kinda stupid question if you see my 60+hours in evolve, but actually I only enjoy playing wraith :wink: So, if I understand well, hunters run to relay when Im at phase 3 cos they will get some armor benifit right? Also, I once tried to destroy last bars on relay when I was doomed, and failed, even I was hitting that pretty much. I cant do damage to relay till I move hunters or while dome is active? or one of those 2?


If you are getting shot you can not do damage to the Relay. If the hunters are within a certain distance, the Relay will get a shield. The more hunters there are by it, the more shielding the Relay has.


Danke again!


For every hunter within a certain distance from the relay, the relay gets an armor bonus.


The main reason is because its pointless to chase after the monster once it reaches stage 3. If the monster is supposed to destroy the relay the hunters will know exactly where it is going so the best thing for the team to do is hangout there and wait for the monster to show itself. And its not worth the risk of being ambushed by a fully evolved monster in a spot that isn’t very good for the hunters to fight in.


The relay gets extra defense depending on how many hunters are near.
If none of the hunters make it to the relay, the relay will have barely any defense and can be destroyed rapidly by the monster.


15 seconds btw with no hunters nearby.


The relay is the monsters primary objective.

If you have hunters always nipping at your heels. Get stage 3 ready by leading hunters far away from relay. Let them dome you at other end of map (without evolving if you can help it) and down 1 to 2 of the hunters then use all your mechanics to book it to the relay.

If the hunters stop to lick thier wounds and revive fallen members of thier team, well the relay is all yours.

You dont evolve to lure the hunters away. When you make it to relay you should have time to evolve and smash.