Kinda bummed by Evacuation endings


So let me first preface this by saying that the game is fantastic, and in no way would I ever allow a few cinematics to stop me from enjoying the hell out of a great game like this.
That being said, what’s with the downer ending to Evacuation? Win or lose, the Hunters end up getting slaughtered- ya, ya, if you win you save the planet- not to be selfish, but I’m not too emotionally invested in a bunch of faceless refugees. I’m invested in the characters you’ve put in my control for the last five rounds, and it’s a downer to see them get killed off regardless. Also kind of puts you in a bit of a spot if you ever decide to do a sequel…
I donno- I was kind of hoping for a last second dash to the evac ship at the end a la Left 4 Dead- that moment of “the chopper’s here, get on board!” and having to make a mad dash with hundreds of zombies at your heels was one of my all time favorite moments in gaming, and I was hoping for something similar.


I agree. I find the cinematics to be a bit lacking in Evacuation, especially the ending one.


We don’t necessarily know they die. While it does look bleak wen you see the monsters stalking towards them in huge numbers maybe a second after that the drop ship arrives and everyone jumps to it. I’m sure the Laurie an has guns that could help clear the zone for them to evacuate


Just so.

In one case, on a monster win, you have the Hunters getting overwhelmed and very definitely killed.

In the other, on a Hunter win, you have it left somewhat ambiguous. The monsters are stalking towards them, but we don’t see a blow land. There could be some way that they escape their fate.


Yeah, I have a feeling they’ll make it somehow.


Don’t worry, they didn’t die.

Well, okay, if they did, they’d respawn.

Also, compare a very minor detail in Hunter-Lose cinematic and Hunter-Win cinematic very near the end. In the Hunter-Lose version, you can see a set of nasty claws floating overhead, whose owner is out of the shot (this is a suggestive detail). While the Hunter-Win variation, the claws don’t exist. Also, the Hunters don’t scream or whatever in the latter version. These differences tell me the Hunters survived to fight another Evacuation campaign.

Of course all these are up for interpretations, you believe what you will.


So why don’t you show it in the cinematics?


Luckily the 4th tier showed up just in time!


Dude. You got it wrong. The hunters can’t really die.

They have a Lazarus chamber on the ship and Buckets sub-routines keep track and save the hunters memories in real time, so they’re reborn in the most original forms possible.
How else do you think they’re able to get back on the dropship?
Plus there’s always cake at the end of the bright tunnel.

But with that in mind I’d love to see a mode where if a hunters dies he can only be replaced by another, giving them three lives each(for now) and the advantage of being able to choose from the other two hunters mid-game.


Do you see the heroes get eaten at the end?


As much as i love the cinematic, i would rather see something else. In engine rendering of what has happened in previous rounds. What players and monsters were played, modes and perks. This way, every ending to Evacuation would be unique in it’s own right. Have it resolved in the same time frame as current video and it’s a win win. I think.


What really botheres me is the lack of “epic yet depressing” music in both the endings.


Yes why don´t we? If the hunters loose they should get ripped apart… If they win they should get away or something simmilar!
Have to agree with OP


To be fair, you are right- and if you don’t see a body, you can count them as still potentially in it. I just would prefer that, if y’all do plan on keeping them alive, we get to see some evidence of it in the full game, rather than waiting for Evolve 2.
(By the way, this is why these forums are excellent- where else do you get to interact with the developer in such a tangible way? GO TURTLEROCK. Also- big fan of those short stories you’ve cooked up Matt- excellent stuff (which is why it pains me even more to have such a bleak looking ending- I’ve gotten so attached to them through your work!))


…they’ll be saved by tier 4, 5 and 6 hunters, don’t worry…


Not a fan of the ending cinematic either guys… The monster is so definite… Like they murked EVERYONE!
The hunters… It just spells doom lol. Like I consider both endings are basically the monster wins lmao.
I like to believe they made it out but I don’t know… I wish you could have given them a bit more of a leg to stand on, like the Laurie in the background or something.


Sadly I feel the endings spark tones of unoriginality. There is little difference between them and they don’t present a feeling of reward and satisfaction for what you just tried to do. This is especially true compared to the voice acted introduction, which shows a potentially great story ahead of you. The pay off is poor to say the least.

I know it probably won’t and can’t be changed now but having a slightly tweaked variation on the endings at the moment just gives a horrible feeling of Mass Effect 3 but we won’t go into that can of worms.

It is disheartening, especially for an assumed “Evolution” to multiplayer singleplayer.