Kind of tired of Tech Sgt Hank

Infinite shielding and more damage then the assault. Why bother playing anything else when he is clearly just the best Support all around?

he has more damage?

An orbital drill that follows the monster around with a rather short cooldown.

But it’s relatively slow

I like Tech Sgt Hank. Can’t Shield himself…

Got changed a bit in Stage 2, apparently its shield burst stacks on himself as well as others (and doesn’t go away over time)

But it’s a known issue they are working on fixing: Hank Fullshielding himself, pretty broken (logged)

His laser gun does barely any damage.
His orbital laser is easily dodged.
He shields himself sure, but not very much.

Seriously his “laser cutter|” mind as well be called “Marshmallow laser” because its damage is pathetic.


Sure, the rapid firing point accurate gun doesnt do a lot of damage. Okay then.

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He is good only for the first encounter where he was able to shield fully. What I usually do as the monster is pick a good dome location, fight in the dome, get my strike or two and then move to leave. If they rush to follow, punish for following. Or i’ll get a quick bite of armor and then come back on my terms. Their shield won’t be full yet, guaranteed.

Also, the Orbital Laser is trivially easy to dodge.

I’ve never been more than brushed by it.

Tech Hank is good for sure, but against a mobile monster the orbital drill will do little to no damage.

He has higher initial shielding than regular Hank, but once those shields are gone they’re gone as long as the monster keeps putting out damage.

His laser cannon is pitiful, to be honest.

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This is bizzare because I was about to make a post about how he needs a buff.


It really doesn’t.

Sure it hits rapidly, but that doesn’t mean that it does high damage. TSHank’s laser cannon is one of the most peashooter-y Support weapons.


Well…yeah. It doesn’t. Because its rapid firing and accurate. So it does little damage to compensate.

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Call it a Lasgun 'cause it sure hits like one.

for the emprah

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apparently everything is a known issue and they are working on everything. but everything wont come this Christmas for that excited kid. because the kid didnt want everything. he wanted the nice basic things but his parents thinks he wants everything. even then the kid wont get everything.

All the hunters leaving the game and the monster getting punished for it was a known issue back in legacy… Just sayin

What more can you ask for? It’s not enough for you that they’re actively working on a fix?

His Laser Cannon isn’t even a Cannon by any stretch, it’s basically a beefy taser at best.

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Tech Hank is useless in combat, what do you mean best Support all around?