Kind of disapointed


I was expecting something very different and I’m kind of pissed I spent all this money. The maps are tiny, it takes no time at all to evolve and a few others. I paid money for skins that barely even change the look. You guys this was an amazing concept but so poorly executed, make the maps way bigger, slow down the evolving process. I hate to say it but this game will not last…it’s repetitive pvp…


COD is repetitive PvP and it’s still doing well. The maps aren’t really small either. Much bigger and you’d never catch the monster


@Brandini is right, try and look at evolve from a different perspective and see what works and how it’s supposed to. It’s executed just as they want it to be,(nearly) just takes some getting used to.


The problem is, it’s too easy. COD has a big team and many different game modes…this doesnt. COD is constant action. You need to add something different to this or its going to die like watchdogs did. Wethersfield I’m the monster or my friends play as a team we have the match won in no time…there’s no challenge.


PvP, ALL PvP, is repetitive to some extent. The maps are tiny? Are you even…Nevermind.

Carry on.


I guess I just come from an age of gamers that are use to being challenged…everything is so easy and given to us lately.


What system do you play on?


Keep in mind many people have never played the game before and the game has more strategy and depth than a COD game. Are you finding playing the monster too easy, the hunters too easy, or both?


I watched so much gameplay. Nothing came as a surprise to me. My only issue is I’m playing solo and not playing Trapper, I shouldn’t have to do all the tracking myself


please lord don’t make the maps bigger, it’s difficult enough to find a good monster as it is!


Do you mean it´s to easy when you play the Monster and also to easy when you play with a team of hunters?
Game was released yesterday, lots of new players, My experience after playing the beta is that once you start to play against some good Hunters you´ll complain that the Monster needs buffs and same will happen when you meet a great Monster.

Give it some time, I honestly think Evolve is a home run in game mechanics.
Keep the faith.


You have to keep in mind that you are all trackers at first. If you left it up to one person, or if you all stayed as a group of four, you’re probably going to have a bad time. I like to play assault and I usually break away from the group right off the bat once the initial direction is found. I try to do a smaller circle around the map in hopes of cutting the monster off and spotting when I see it.


im gonna assume that means whether. but you just set urself up there. if you play monster u win. but if you and your friends play hunter u win. so…why dont you play your friends as the monster? boom instant competition. btw this game will get competitive but ppl are still learning. give it time. how many pubs get demolished in COD?


Ok please turn in your old school gamer card. You aren’t deserving of it.


I think this is the biggest problem with some people that play evolve. They play it for a day or two and say things like, “it’s repetative” or, “it’s too easy/hard.” They don’t realize that there are so many different strategies and combinations for both hunter and monster that make each game unique. I’ve played in through the alpha, beta and the release and I can say that I am still more than enjoying my time with Evolve. Also, I’ve played through so many games where the monster seemed unbeatable and where my team caught the monster in the first opening minutes. The same goes for the hunters. That being said this game isn’t for everyone and it’s not perfect. It’s perfectly fine not liking a game, but it’s way too early to say that it’s a bad game.


Yeah especially wraith. When you do it’s like WRAITH I MISSED YOU!!! :smile: and then it’s like CRAP!! DECOY!!! :sweat::cold_sweat: