Killing wildlife good or not?


I have some questions if hunters kill some wildlife does the monster get the same power shield as if the monster killed it himself? Also what is the point in the power ups when hunters kill the wildlife but it’s leaving free food for the monster or does it decay after some time? Some people are saying that wildlife will re spawn after some time? My view is leave the wildlife alone. Any info/tips? Thanks


Killed wildlife decay after time; they lose meat value over time, so monster gets less from eating them.
However, it doesn’t have to kill them so he can just munch on them right away.

Buff stays on carcass until body decays or is completely eaten. Good idea is to kill an elite wildlife, take buff and let Lazarus revive that wildlife, so monster won’t have an easy meal with a buff.

I have mixed feelings about respawning wildlife. Not really sure if it does. Had few games, where monster had hard time finding armour source in later game.


Thanks, did not know Laz can revive wild life.


Wildlife will decay after 2 minutes no matter how large. A monster can obtain a buff the hunters killed in that time. The monster must eat 1 bar of food to get it and can be prevented from eating by being shot.

Killing everything is free food but sometimes there’s reason to. To start focus on the buffs and aggressive wildlife trying to kill you and leave the rest alone. Small wildlife does respawn/spawn throughout a game.

Here’s my wildlife guide regarding buffs. Let me know if you have anymore questions regarding the wildlife of Shear :smile:


Thanks a lot! I’ll pass this around.


Of course, you don’t want to rez hostile wildlife because it will insta-incap Lazarus.


I rezzed some hostile wildlife as Laz to help unlock Caira. Wasn’t incapped.


wowowow wait a sec i can revive albino wildlife with laz and they will isntantly respawn as normal? so we can get the buff ill ress them and the monster cant get it? o_O


ill say kill the small ones if you see them and let them decay , they are already free food , they dont figth back . i think it punish the monster


I just brought this up in my thread about beating Wraith. I love playing Wraith and don’t want to see it changed so I’ve been helping Hunters deal with them. I suggest we go one step further and allow the hunters to outright poison what they kill so it puts pressure on Wraiths to act faster. Put it on the support or healer as a baseline ability.

I didn’t know wildlife respawned, but I don’t think it should.


If you rez an albino as Laz it stays albino. This is great for the megamouth buff as that’s pretty useless to a monster but the best buff for hunters.