Killing wildlife as hunter



Is it a viable strategy for the hunters to kill wildlife? As far as i know they are limited overall. In large enough quantities however… Do corpses despawn or getting eaten by other wildlife? Are you just helping the monster?

Sure… You can set up traps with corpses. Tracking dart or arena. Mines, sadly, are to shiny for this.


Only the non predator wildlife will return albeit slowly. Best thing to do is kill albinos for perks and ignore the rest. Minus the plants always kill the plants.


There’s is unlimited wildlife so killing them just means free food for the monster
Corpses will degenerate over time
I believe some wildlife will eat other ones (reavers)


Sometimes what you want to do is to kill dangerous wildlife so there won’t be any problems when you encounter the monster. There is also an elite wildlife which gives you buffs so these ones are good targets. Another reason you might want to kill wildlife is to get some points in star 1 character progressions on early stages.


Well, I like killing the wildlife but it’s probably best to only kill for perks.

If I’m attacking wildlife with my flamethrower as Hyde and I stop shooting when they are on fire, I’m going for the third star though. Which is insanely hard IMO. 30k? Residual DMG or something like that.


Kill perks that are strong for the monster
Mammoth Bird-CDR
Obsidian Beetle- No birds
Tyrant-HP Regen

Tyrant-HP Regen
Megamouth- CDR on Class ability (If you find this take this, strongest hunter perk)
Venomhound- Poison Debuff on shots
Reaver-Less jetpack consumption


you forgot some good ones :
Hunters -
Nomad ( i guess its called ) - jetpack regen
Spotter - visualizes all wildlife (and the monster too) within 40 m (outlines them like cabots dusttaging)


It’s fun to kill highly valuable wildlife and then shoot it with a tracking dart to troll the monster :smiley_cat:


Besides the killing perk ones, I always tried to kill the wildlife. My thought process is: dead gives less energy bar than alive.


I find Strider movement speed incredibly OP as hunters. Makes tracking and juking the monster easy mode.


If you have a general idea where the monster is then its pretty useful . But the only class who really needs this buff is the trapper class or val .


I disagree, Monster can benefit from the same perk as well. So they both have equal opportunities. A perk is a temporary advantage, if you can use it properly and to it’s stregnths then you deserve to give the Monster a hard time in tracking and juking it.


It depends. Personally, when my friends and I play, we develop strategies with the wildlife. Here’s a few thing we (or I) tend to do:

  • We try not to kill a lot of small wildlife (Mammoth Birds, Reavers, etc) because the monster can easily sneak by us and feed on it, staging up faster. Exceptions are venom hounds. Another reason is wasting time on killing them alerts the monster to your presence via gunfire.

  • Larger wildlife, especially Tyrants, Crowbills, and Armadons, we will plan out for the match. We likely won’t need that heath regen so we kill that Tyrant early on. Armadon/Crowbill could be useful so we keep an eye on it and kill it at Stage 2/3. The Mammoth Bird we get rid of ASAP.

  • As an avid Bucket player, I use Elite wildlife bodies as traps. Often I have my team kill an Elite that would entice the monster and I rig it with turrets all over the vicinity. More than likely the monster will go to feed and get lit up by turrets and alert us. A fun downside is that he’ll take too much damage if he tries to get rid of them all. :grin:


I love the elite perk system, it’s not necessary to win but man is it a fun bonus and sometimes even a game changer.


When I played as monster once I realise I had ran out of food in an area so I forced to retreat despite me wanting to just build up my armour a bit then move back in to deal some more blows to the hunters.

When I next played hunter I figured I would be nice and accelerate this process for the monster, stage three they weren’t even able to get full armour.

I think it’s a good idea to kill everything that moves, maybe if you’re rushing to cut the bastard off or don’t have a team to back you up in your fight against a 4-meat you should move on.