Killing any and all wildlife is it a good strategy


Is killing all the wildlife you see/encounter a good strategy regardless if it’s hostile or not. Except birds, gotta love em.


Free food for monster every time he backtracks. ^.-


Well, you will waste a lot of time and its likely the Monster will just clean up your leavings unless you plant to camp the corpse of every creature you kill.


It depends. If you kill wildlife in an area where you have a trapper on the chokepoint to dome then it can be viable to help starve him/her out.


But all the dead wildlife will decay in 2 minutes making unusable to the monster.


If you decide to camp it, yes. Otherwise if you move on…he/she will take advantage of the free grub.


if it doesnt stop u then kill it on the run.


I don’t, but if my team brings down a massive creature, I place an Arc Mine or two in it.


Hmm, monster triggers carrion birds when it starts eating, but trapjaw packs when it kills. I don’t think hunters trigger a pack to spawn, so a sneaky monster can follow the hunters in a circle getting free food and run the moment birds come.


Speaking as a monster, yes, It’s a fantastic strategy. Please kill everything you see (especially when you’re in a dome)


Thanks great strategy I’ll try it next time I play.


if your on the monsters trail might be viable as he wont get a chance to eat and once it all decays the overall food pop will be thinned considerably . . . but if he is a sneaky monster all your doing is taking the effort of killing the wildlife and allowing him to go fast like sanic


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“Free meals” saves the monster very little time.

Killing specific buffs to deny the monster is excellent strategy.

If you are an assault killing wildlife while your trapper is across the map though you are ****ing up.


When I play as Sunny or Cabot, I kill EVERY SINGLE MAMMOTH BIRD I SEE. No exceptions.

I’d rather bet on the monster not finding the corpse in 2 minutes than on my medic paying attention and healing us up before a fight. >.< lol

Likewise, I hate taking damage when I play the medic because it’s so dang hard to get health back quickly. So I usually ask my friends to kill them when I’m Medic.

TRLD; mammoth birds are KOS


It doesn’t really matter that much honestly. It only takes the Monster a second or two to kill most things. If you killed them first they still have carrion bird RNG and the meal will probably be smaller, sometimes significantly. It can backfire if the Monster happens to travel directly over your trail and there’s just meal after meal left behind with no effort required and very little decay. The Monster killing creatures will often give itself away if it uses abilities, so there’s less of that. Overall though, you don’t have to feel bad about killing creatures or go out of your way to do so: if something is gonna attack/damage your teammate, kill it; if your Trapper is hanging out in an area or Abe puts tracking darts on everything, feel free to kill anything in the area; if you’re playing Markov you can leave a mine on a corpse to discourage the Monster from feeding. You could clear out wildlife on whole sections of the map, but you can’t wait around and camp it all and a lot of stuff is gonna respawn anyway - because of this it ends up not being that strategic to worry about killing or not killing wildlife.


I have once heard mammoth bird being referred to as “Thunderchicken”. Makes sense, it cannot fly yet it’s a bird, thus a thunderchicken!


Especially because with Sunny and Cabot it takes a mere moment. In fact something I love to do is two-for-one shotting Mammoth Birds. Line up the railcannon with two of the spawns of Beelzebub and bang. Two less demonic evil satan worshipping horrible eldritch abominations in the world.


i kill all the big mobs i see, tyrants, sloths, dune beetles, wankers (megamouth) and including all the Elite buff i see . if i see any of those BAM! dead. all because i don’t want the monster to have any late game advantages if we have to get back and protect the power relay. as well as forcing him to eat many small critters rather then bigger guys giving us a better chance of finding him due to birds.


Well, Torvald tends to kill every living thing on the go in a 100 meter radius just by being in the vicinity anyways, hes good like that.