KillerRex820 or MajorRespect345


I cant pick between these two names I want to use for p4. So i want you guys to vote which one i should use.


I think MajorRespect345…but honestly you aught to add capital and lower case framing x’s.

That’s just classic.


I like major more, and I never knew why people thought framing x’s look cool, I don’t think they do


Why not meet halfway and have MajorRex465? :wink:

I like both names but I’m favouring KillerRex820 more to be honest


I second MajorRex!


That is a good idea i think i will do that.


if you want to be original, of course!


ArthasDK is one you’ll never see outside of WoW, use that one!

But on a serious note, I’d go with KillerRex820. No particular reason, I think it’s just cool. If you go with Major Respect, I want to call one of my novel characters Rex, an assassin who has a number like 555-820-KILL or something.


KillerRex…more in tune with Evolve. MajorRespect just sounds too humie for me. Very COD. Just my two pennies.


I think you should have the name RespectKiller :smiley: