Killer Instinct


Anyone else play Killer Instinct ? Hisako ( Waifu! ) came out and wondered if any of you Evolve fans are also KI fans c:


Loved me some old skool Glacius.


Glacius > Cinder :smirk:


I loved the super nintendo version. I was disappointed when a new Killer Instinct was released only for x-box. I was also disappointed when I saw the art work for it. It looked crappy and didn’t feel right when compared to the first game. Ihope they someday make a good solid title for all platforms so that I can enjoy hearing that “Ultra! Ultra! Ultra!” scream in the background.

I loved Jago, Cinder, and Fulgor.


I’ve got it but haven’t gotten very good at it yet. 3 hit combos :wink:
I’m all about Sabrewulf and Hisako as two of my favorite things ever are werewolves and messed up Japanese ghost girls.


Love KI, evolve & KI only games I’m currently playing. Favorite character is Fulgore… DaSlipryBuffalo is also my xbone name, let’s get some sets in some time…


If it ever comes to PC I will have it the second that it does. I do not own a peasant box. I watch Maximilian Dood’s videos on KI anytime they come out and I catch his livestream whenever I can. For now that will have to do.


Orchid was awesome!


Anyone have the 1 version?


killer instinct… i played that on arcade like 20 years ago or something.
Monster vs monster fighting game. and you could do insane combos. 30 - 40- 50 hits and such… crazy.

I found it in a mall back then, and started to play…
then a kid behind me asks, “want to go duel ? - can i join ? - i havent played much either”…

pff… ye right. damn that kid seriously beat the crap out of me on that game.
first he played easy, bite there, claw there, then just… kaboom. super combo. i was dead. =)))

He admited that he played that game a few times / day… ofcourse after he beat me…




Thread resurrection ftw bro


Honestly I just want to play it with someone, the MCX hype got me playing KI again, and wishing I bought DoA5.


Are you thinking of Primal Rage?


Should see some of my thread resurrects. ^.^


Resurrection level: Lazarus


You have it, right? I can play you today, later tonight if you want.


unlimited Orchid combo for the win!

Again a game where i liked almost everything about it, all characters where so unique and cool. From Sabertooth to Vulgor


hmm… no… iam positive it was called Killer instinct.
I played a dinosaur of sort.

It was about 20 years ago, if not more. but iam very sure about the name tho, and that i played a monster thingy.


Yep, he is called Riptor and a frickin badass.