Killed wildlife falling into the map after patch 1.1 (PC)


A high precentage of my wildlife kills have been falling into the map today, I can barely find any wildlife if the game decides to **** and make the population low but when this happens with the bug. It just means I’m stuck on stage one. :crying_cat_face:


Players have been falling through the map since release lol, hopefully they can start fixing bugs faster now like they said…


Those we’re pretty annoying. But at least monsters didn’t fell too much. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey @MrStrategio, I was playing with some friends last night (totally not farming Parnell headshots… <.<)… and we notice that if you put increased wildlife and aggressive wildlife on medlab hunt a LOT of wildlife starts falling through the map while you’re trying to eat as monster… It may even just be despawning instead of falling through (it’s hard to tell on that map, it’s dark and has lots of flora), but it was consistent between multiple ‘leaders’ and matches and players and times of the day.

Not sure if maybe the large number of extra wildlife spawning was why, but it was pretty annoying…