Kill Cam in Hunt


First kill cam : If hunter die . He can see how and why did he go down

Second kill cam : win kill cam

This will allow monster / hunters to show off how they took the match . It can be recorder as montage . It can be an educationional video to show the mistake made for both sides . help reduce learning curve


More often than not people won’t want to see from a Monster’s perspective of them getting pounced to death for another 10 seconds…

And how would the game determine who’s camera to look from if the Hunters win? Final kill shot? Assaults would be most likely which would look like a mess anyhow with Support being the second most common.

Either way even if we wanted this it wouldn’t happen because chances are they didn’t implement any possibilities of a Killcam being a thing within Evolve.


Spectator mode

Hunt 2.0 wasn’t a possibility / Tier 5 wasn’t a possibility

How do you know it’s not a possibility ? Even if it wasn’t . They can make it work

In COD / Rainbow . Every one tries to make the last kill unique . Pounce is not unique . This will reduce pounses . 9/10 hunters don’t want to see monster tee bag . It didn’t end tee bag possibility for the monster .


First kill kill cam is a very bad idea for a few reason:

First lazarus, if Someone die it is possibile that you will be revived in a few second and i dont whant a kill cam distract me from the game

Second if is when you are downed instead, some hunters can pick you up Quick so same problem.

No i think this is good in game like cod, but will not adapt well for the unique way this game is


Evolve isnt CoD -.- its far far away of CoD


While I think it’s a good idea, killcams only really serve a functional purpose in quick shooter games like CoD and CS:GO where sometimes you die so fast you don’t even know what happened.

In Evolve, neither side is able to die in such a short span of time. (excluding when you’re up against Kraken for now).
You always know exactly what happened.



This is a lie. Ranked was always planned.

That is also a lie. Tier 5 was always planned.

No. Evolve is not those games. We do not want Evolve taking pages out of those games’ books. Keep them away from Evolve.


I love that clever joke :thumbsup:


You can skip the kill cam

If you were revived by laz / drop ship / spawn beacon … the kill cam will be skipped by the game


If hunter died . Down cam will appear


Not a fan. I use my death to help watch teammates backs while they run or help spot wildlife that would end the match. I don’t need to see how I died by a huge rock to the face twice to know I fucked up.


Replays combined with the observer-mode first, any time it gets possible.



Tier 5 was planned from the start. Ranked play was always planned and being worked on.

Pouncing will not stop just because there’s a kill cam. Most people would take the win over a “unique kill”, I know I would.

And usually when I’m smashed in the face with a rock that is larger than I am I don’t need a kill cam to show me that lol. If you don’t know that a tyrant ate you or LS killed you, you’re a bad played.


While not a necessary feature for Evolve, it could be a cool idea for Spectator Mode in the form of a “kill cam” or “replay” button. It could be used by a caster, coacher, or just someone enjoying the match to see/show exactly what happened in someone’s final moments, or to replay the clip of a really awesome fight (a really close 1v1, an amazing hit with Rock Throw, etc).

The only way I can see it being practically used outside of Spectator Mode would be if you had the option to view your last match’s kill cams from the main menu, or be able to view it while you’re dead mid-match by opening the menu and clicking “Show Last Death,” prompting a video to pop up similar to the tutorial videos.


Tbh I don’t care how I die . I just want to see and record it . It’s like an equivalent idea to the theater mode .

Id like to watch Great fights . It could be as montage that attract players / it’s fun

Tutorial is not made for you . Neither this . It’s helpful for new players to know

Tier 5 wasn’t planned . Season pass 2 wasn’t there . Evolve wasn’t going to be long term game until 2K have announced it because they own the IP . They were happy with the sales

Ranked was a thought . Only developers can confirm if it was planned or not

Why ranked isn’t in the game once it was released ?


Again, both Tier 5 and Ranked were planned from the start. Please stop lying, it doesn’t even help your argument, it just paints you as a liar.

  • Tier 5: Planned from start.

  • Ranked: Wanted implemented from the start.


See @10shredder00 's post above.


For reference, I dug this out of the depths of the forum:

  • February 2, 2015 - 8 days before the game’s release, co-founder Chris Ashton mentions ranked play:

Bolded text is a link for a source. I think it’s safe to say T4 and T5 were planned characters. Their concepts were there, just had to be extensively worked on for live play.

Please, none of this aggression. It will quickly lead to a locked thread and is highly unnecessary.


You sir, are fantastic.

That alone shows that ranked was very planned so for the record.

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Then if you take a step back and realize that HS2 was bundled WITH the PCMR edition you also see that Tier 5 was also planned sooooo…

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Just did.

Considering that his threads are only a way for him to completely make himself seem like he’s always right and I’m a POS then I have no problem with it if it just means he’s getting his threads locked.

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So either:

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All I can say is “Boom!”


I am 100% with the people saying screw COD, long live Evolve.