"Kiddy" Games And Movies That Are Scary/Violent?


FNaF (screw you 12 year olds), some DB stuff, a lot of anime (Attack on Titan and Evangelion for examples), and South Park (it looks like a kiddy show from the 1990s, but when you see the rating and watch some episodes, you will see that it is NOT for children.

Also the Animorph books.




I noticed that a lot of older movies have a much more relaxed rating.

Personally j think Poltergeist deserves the PG. It’s pretty tame. A lot of old westerns though show lots of violence and nudity but still have a PG for some reason. lol


Not much “Kiddy” but Overwatch is alot darker than most think!


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Especially the fan art. Just look up “overwatch” and scroll down a bit.


Did anyone ever mention Jaws? Both 1 and 2 are rated PG.


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