"Kiddy" Games And Movies That Are Scary/Violent?


Well… I know you should never say extremes like all but i think most anime are for an adult audience… Or at least teenagers. I don’t know many for kids… Pokemon maybe :slight_smile: and that’s also a game for adults.


Yeah, as a fan myself, the fanbase undoubtedly suck, especially with all the FREAKING RULE #34 ART.

But besides that, I think FNAF 4 fits perfectly into what I asked for, since the character is a child and is maybe killed horrifically when you die. Damn! Why censorship/just a bloody screen?


Although I wouldn’t call it scary the new Alice in Wonderland (not the sequel) has some shocking moments. Like eyes being torn out and and jumping on floating heads


That’s an xkcd reference right?


This game is literally terrifying. (It’s actually the father of Five Nights Of Freddy’s)


Nope, it’s part of rules of the internet meme. The most common rules are #34 and #63. But it’s NSFW to talk about it here.


Ha! I know it’s from the creator of FNAF but never saw much about it. I’ll give it a shot!


Quick Story then:
Scott Cawthon made and released this game for 8-12 year old players. But the machinery and the robots in the background were way too scary, and it got into most of the playerbase’s nightmares. Because of this, bad comments rained on Scott, forcing him into a depression. Then he realised. “I can make something scarier,” Scott said with an evil grin. That started the development of FNaF. You know the rest.

Edit// @GSUser43 I’ll tell that it’s not really that scary for us, but you will see the robots. They look like… Endoskeletons.


@ArPharazon reminded me of this one with a gif.
Legend(1985) rated PG TIm curry is OP

Also, The Dark Crystal (1982) rated PG


well, I know what that one is. I didn’t know if xkcd was the origin, or if he was referencing it. :slight_smile:


I love both of those movies.

Did anyone bring up Gremlins yet?


I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. I loved Gremlins as a kid, but it definitely had some creepy parts.


Hey how about that one scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the real one, not the shitty remake) where Wonka takes them on a boat ride through a tunnel of unpleasant imagery?


Oh yeah, a classic scene that’s been brought up in similar conversations for ages. It really leaves a lasting impression.


I remember seeing pictures of that Satan but never really knew what movie was it from. Thanks for that.


sure no problem. Tim Curry is a legend…in Legend.


I believe Poltergeist is rated PG


Holy shit…


That might have been before there was a PG-13. That happened when I was a kid. Prior to that, PG had more teeth than it does now.

I remember when The Black Hole came out, everyone was shocked that a Disney movie was not rated G, but PG. Omg!!!


I know it’s not exactly what this topic is about but OMG this guy did exactly what I always thought:
The child from FNAF4 is Lucas HAHAHAHA!!!