"Kiddy" Games And Movies That Are Scary/Violent?


what a nice guy Howie Mandel is.


Howard the Duck isn’t Scary, nor Violent, but I would not call it a kid movie :stuck_out_tongue:


In keeping with this week’s forum tradition of posting the entirety of TIme Bandits,
here is Time bandits.

Watched it as a kid and it messed me up.

Edit: specifically when the parents explode. I don’t know why but I remember them exploding into meaty chunks in a really graphic way, but it isn’t that way here. Childhood OP.


No please seriously, delete these 2 gifs, I don’t want to see this these 2 turds every time I scroll up and down.


Time Bandits is aces classic :slight_smile:


also this movie called The Witches. It’s PG. Horrified me.


I can’t stand watching these turds.

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This is another classic I liked as a kid. I’m starting to see a trend here… :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg I remember that movie! :purple_heart:


I loved animorphs. Speaking of books with a lot of violence
Brian Jacques Redwall series anyone?

Edit: just have to voice my appreciation for this series. really opened me up to fantasy and complex emotional storytelling as a kid. It also ultimately led me to read the Hobbit.

Like I remember this one part in a book in the series where a cook in redwall(a hedgehoggotta go fast)
Is really gung-ho about fighting these bandits that have Redwall under siege. He runs wildly into battle and just crushes this weasels head with a hammer, and he’s just instantly struck by what he’s done, and just starts crying and repeating “i’m sorry I’m sorry I didn’t mean it” then collapses on the field. He has to be taken back to the keep and he’s just tortured over what happened. That’s really serious for a kid’s book.





I never remembered what it was called when I was young. I just remembered the horrific imagery and story. I watched it plenty though! I used to get it confused with Hocus Pocus.


This movie called Stay Tuned I always forget.
It’s really non threatening now, but I remember this one part freaked me out when I was a kid.

The movie is about 2 people who get sucked into a weird hell version of television by the devil’s cousin or something. They are basically constantly narrowly escaping ugly death in these tv shows, and there’s a dumb Wayne’s World rip off they get on.

It’s called Duane’s Undeadworld or something. I just remember it freaking me out when these two try to gouge out their eyes with a hot poker.


Super lame.


I forgot about that movie…


It’s forgettable I suppose.


I remember watching it a lot when I was younger.

We need to get together and do a marathon or something!



That’d be swell m80! This thread made me remember a lot of obscure movies I had forgotten. Like Mom and Dad Save the World.


That’s what the topic is about.,right?


But you said all of them. Which many are meant for kids. :wink: But not all of them.