"Kiddy" Games And Movies That Are Scary/Violent?


Do you know a game or a movie where characters look like they’re from a children’s game or movie but is actually violent like Conker?

Things like Limbo, although it doesn’t look like it’s a children’s game or movie, has a kid killed in horrific ways. Majora’s Mask and EarthBound has kids whose games are scary af, all of those are welcome too.

I know about Happy Tree Friends but didn’t see an episode, so no need to mention it.

What reminded me about this kind of thing is this:

Hollow Rhyme Trailer

Well, FNAF has essentially become a game for 12 year olds now…


When you break it down, Kingdom Hearts 2 is the story of an exceptionally powerful teenager murdering adults that just want the ability to feel love again. You can help them regain that emotion by fight actual malevolent bad guys, but instead, you just say “no, you don’t get to be happy” and kill everybody.


A cult classic movie called “Wizards” from the 70s was pretty violent, but if you want a really fucked up movie that could totally pass off as a Disney Film, watch Felidae.


OMG Felidae = Sooooo Disney


Every disney film. probably 50% of them have the protaganist watch their parents die.

(Also grimms fairy tales…)


Does this count? It looooooks innocent.


Every anime game ever


Thanks but you need to name the game or movie :smiley:


I know about it I even said at the beginning:


Attack on titan for example

And every Nintendo game ever. Heh.


Can I say a book? The Animorph series. They got away with so much violence because it wasn’t happening to humans and the main characters could heal. Very first book, the character who would have become the mentor of the group in any other series gets ripped apart and eaten alive.


Watership Down hasn’t been mentioned yet?


My favorite book about bunnies!


Many anime are not meant for kids. Hellsing is not kid friendly, neither is Gantz just to name two.

To add to the list. Some of the minor subplots to the Dragonball universe, like the story of Launch. That’s actually super depressing.


It’s okay to say books buuuuut I don’t like reading books unfortunately :confused:


From a kid’s movie called “Little Monsters”

Watched this movie a lot as a kid. I don’t know why. It’s bad, and the heroes are irredeemable.


That was a guilty pleasure of mine. I dunno why I enjoyed it. But ya, it’s a bad movie.




“Who put piss in my apple juice?!”