Kicking the Bucket


Sometimes we take in-game experience for granted as “how it should be”. Or rather we do it all the time.

There is some conversation piece about what Bucket does when the rest of the Hunters die and while I mused about it, it dawned on me that all we see through Buckets eyes is what a human would see.

But Bucket is not a human - it’s an AI. Why would the digital mind perceive the world like a human? So - in order to make things more interesting give us “BUCKET MODE” where the world is stripped of fancy organic doodads and laid bare as what it really is: distance, space, obstacles, targets, vectors interpreted by a cynical practically immortal artificial intelligence.


And then have fun with all the people who can’t do maths! Lol. Interesting idea.


That sounds really hard to code.


I’m not sure. I think before the “map” or “level” comes always some kind of skeleton - the bare bones of the “world” - the textures are added later.


The way you described it reminds of the the old Atari Battlezone


So…a mode where your a huge Robot who must fight a monster and you are the AI…
Seems like “Pacific Rim” :smile:


I played Elite on the ZX Spectrum…

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