Kicking idle players


What are people’s feelings on players who idle the whole game? They block a spot an active player could join, and leave your team with a bot liability. Hank is probably the only bot who is passable in a random skirmish team. I know the kick option was never implemented to avoid the abuse that occurred with it in the Left4Dead series, but I feel there’s a point when a player has idled too long, and would rather have a chance the bot hunter will be filled with an actual player.


Should Idle for 2-5 minutes at max…Not for game after game…And maybe set a limit/time restriction to the amount of idles per match. Seen some people idle until monster is found. That just adds weight to the hunter team.


Iddle player as Hank. Monster doesn’t want to have a fire bath. Scared till 3 minutes left.

Bot player as Hank. Monster walks. Traversal. We dun.##

Morale of story: Bluff…

(FYI both monsters had around half health. first one Goliath then Kraken)


I did not understand o.O

@OP I think there REAAAAALLY needs to be a timer for idling. Had to play 2 games with 2 bots on the team for most/all of it. Bots aren’t as smart as people. They won’t split up to push the monster. They won’t ping for the trapper or others. And when people idle, there’s literally no chance of getting them out unless they want to leave.

I thought there was supposed to be a idle time out, but with people staying in idle for whole games, it’s not really working…


Iddle Hank is trigger happy…


Ohhhhh XD That he is… He loves his laser cutter.


More of trigger happy Orbitals


Idling quickly adds up. It becomes frustrating when you jump from the dropship, land on the ground and realize you’re Trapper is AFK.

Then about 30 seconds later a bot still doesn’t seem to have taken over and the player finally moves.
1 Minute later, same thing. He AFK’s again without using the in-game setting to let the bot take over.
Easily ruins the entire match.

+Bots should take over sooner.
+Allowed idle time before getting kicked should be way less.
+Idle time should add up. It’s not okay to idle for 2 minutes, continue playing for 10 sec and then idle again.


Bots also decide they want to fight any big wildlife they’ve come across. I’ve had games where an idle player’s assault bot has repeatedly suicided engaging in combat with the crowbill sloth in Fusion plant as the rest of the team is in hot pursuit of the monster.


Yes, very frustrating. I really enjoy that this game lets you take a break as matches can be quite long at times and real life can happen while you’re playing. Bathroom break, phone call, knock at the door, etc.

A bot is better than a person who had to set the controller down for a second but not by much. It’s sad when people abuse it though - going idle for the entire match. Why did you even boot up matchmaking in the first place?


I just quit a game when a player idles longer then 2-3minutes. If he doesnt got the time or the interest to play he should quit the match, not blocking spots and wiping the team.


I’ve had a Val bot keep sniping at a tyrant or sloth (forgot which), and I had to “save” her/it by taking the damn thing down myself, whilst the other two kept up with the monster… Not fun.]

I played a game as monster yesterday that had was doing ok. Remembered a guy from the twitch chat/forum, so put my A game on. After taking down 2 of the hunters, he leaves. I wonder why, because they had my down to around 2/3 of my stage 2 hp. When they all appear again, I realize that the rest of the hunters had gone idle, and bots are doing all the fighting.


Clever girl