Kick player option on Xbox one


I’m sure it’s been discussed but this option is desperately needed on Xbox one.

I was playing with a team last night, lower levels, not a bad team. All Mics and communicating. We were playing well except for the lvl 40 pothead.

He decides to go afk for 2 rounds. His character gets killed twice while he’s idle. He comes back and gets his butt kicked some more and proceeds to blame the “team” that was actually here and doing the work.

People like this need to be kicked.


Unfortunately the risk for griefing is high for something like that.

But you can report and block them! :slight_smile:


This. Please implement this. It sucks when we have a group of 4 and one of us drops and it gets taken over by a random with no mic


I don’t mind if thy take over with no mic. But this guy was the example to be used for kickin


Yea I know. The othe side of that coin is idiots who kick you because you didn’t what they ordered you to do. I get that as well, it makes sense.

But there needs to be a way to rectify the bad situation on the fly. We had a good team, this guy just went idle and then came back 2 rounds later on evac. Died and blamed the team lmao


I know, I’ve been there too.

I didn’t realize you were an X1 player before today. :monster:


Yessir. Been on Xbox for gotta be 17 years maybe.


I made the jump in 07 myself.


I play PS4 and PC games as well. But Xbox is where my heart is. I only buy exclusives on PS4 and mostly mmo’s on PC.


Halo is the reason I went with X1. I’m a nerd for the campaigns.

But anywho, sorry to derail this!


Lol halo doesn qualify as a legit derail, just a minor setback.


This is my gamer tag so add me if you want.


The cons outweigh the pros for me.


For kick player ?


You get kicked for being idle after 7 minutes, don’t you? I thought I read that somewhere. Not sure though.


Not that I noticed. This guy was in our party for 2 days of evacuation.


Done and done.


Maybe it’s if you use the take a break feature.


I could see people booting anyone that ever goes idle no matter if they just went idle or have been for a long time.


They should shorten the timer on IDOL players. I had a trapper who was idol for literally 7 minutes, then came back, then went idol again for the rest of the game a minute later.