Kick Option


OK, so most everyone has been to Quickplay, right? Most everyone (if not everyone) has experienced the ‘new hunters, noob-stomp monsters’ right? Well, in Ranked, you tag and go. Monster leaves automatically. But in Quickplay, not the case. If can have low level hunters and a noob-stomp monster indefinitely. That is just NOT fun.

So how about a ‘kick’ option? Like, after two rounds (not just one) that a certain person has played, people can vote against him. For example: try hard Kraken going against -20’s? After two rounds of complete obliteration with no mercy whatsoever, have the option to kick the monster out. That will allow him to find another game that might be his/her level or just go to Ranked.

That way we can all enjoy our game without being dusted every round. Maybe even level up skills and learn how to master your character! It’s awfully difficult trying to learn how to heal team-mates when you’re on Dropship Simulator 2016 or your team is dropping quicker than flies on a bug zapper.


It will hurt player base … Although some new hunters increase my anger level and I wish this option is there sometimes

But I know they wouldn’t do it


They put in a ‘skip match’ option and I’ve only ever seen it done three times since Quickplay and Hunt 2.0 was created.

Honestly, something needs to be done about those try-hards in Quickplay. If I wanted to be challenged and competitive, I’d be in Ranked. But I want to practice and have fun. So I go to Quickplay. :stuck_out_tongue:


It would just be frustrating for players as Lmk said. I understand the feeling. It would be quite negative for the casual players though.


Yeah. I just want something done about it. The best I can think of is pushing big baddies away from people learning them and to people who can match their skill. 90% of Quickplay right now is big baddies stomping newer people. It’s plain ridiculous, unfair, unfun, and unnecessary.


Quick play should not be confused with ‘not good players’ play. Sometimes people either don’t want to wait in queue for a ranked match or might want to practice hunters/monsters that they aren’t familiar with in a non ranked environment. Sometimes you just want to play and don’t want to worry about messing up.

Having a kick option doesn’t solve any real issues and only creates more. The monster will always be outnumbered so the Hunters can ruin a monster’s experience. To be honest, if you are with a try hard after the game is over just leave and find a new group. It shouldn’t be up to the opponent to dictate your enjoyment of the game. You have control of it.


My worry is that people who are new (but are just good at monster because randoms), will get kicked when trying to practice against live people. Bots are no fun to play against, and in ranked they may just get done in by premades, unable to actually practice.

I for one wouldn’t practice in ranked. I’d end up being demoted, and then I WOULD be stomping. I’m lucky I can do it in customs, but not everyone can or wants to.


It doesn’t feel like I have control over it. It doesn’t feel like its anything but ‘people learning’ or ‘people farming.’ Yes I have quit games because of monsters and gone back into Quickplay. But what happens? I get thrown in that exact same match. Once I left to join a small party and came back into quickplay with a friend and we came back only to see the previous match I was on won b the monster and having people drop left and right. Yeah you can control whether or not you even want to play, but you drop out of Quickplay and come across that dude again who does the exact same thing making this game boring and frustratnig to play, what do you do? Play bots? Wait for a half hour or more between rounds to go to rounds where ‘YOU LOST/WON POINTS’ defines you? Had it not been for the fact I had friends online, I’d have just quit the game. The game itself is not bad, but most rounds I go into I end up leaving with a very bad taste in my mouth. I wish I did have fun rounds without needing to go into a premade. I’d love to play with new people and have fun doing it. But that just doesn’t seem to be happening.

It is a very negative suggestion, but it’s also a very negative issue. I don’t know what it’s like where yo uare, but where I am there is not gray area. Black and White. Are you too pro for Ranked or wanting to learn rather than compete?

Bots aren’t fun to play against. Bot monsters are vicious. But like I said, I just can’t handle not being able to go anywhere to have some casual fun. It’s either getting dumped with a bunch of randoms who’ve either been here for months and months or people who bought the game on sale. People who have elited every monster or people who barely went through the tutorial. There is virtually no gray area.

O will admit, my suggesstion is highly negative, again. But honestly, I don’t know how this could be fixed other than to let really good people play with really good people without having to wait so long or get so frustrated.


A better solution would be to have lobbies that people could join and see who is in it and what their overall skill level would be. This is a positive solution instead of a negative one. Kicking has never really been a good solution and is a stop gap at best. The thing is that there is no casual mode for people playing this game. The best you can do is create a custom game with friends. Failing that there is coop against an AI, of which you dislike.

You have to realize that there are 5 people in any given game and that you aren’t the only one who wishes to have an enjoyable experience. If you leave a try hard monster and wait a while and try to find another quick play group and encounter the same person, that usually means that there aren’t that many people doing quick play and you’ll need to wait. That is just the way things are. Having a kick option means that you are forcing other players that your needs/wants of enjoyment are worth more than someone else and that isn’t true/fair. So no, I don’t agree with a kick option. A joinable lobby system is much more elegant a solution.


If this was the case, then wouldn’t it be highly likely that the next monster would be a ‘big baddie’?

I just don’t see how any kick system would solve the issue. Just my opinion of course. :slightly_smiling:


No. It’s bad for the game considering its low playerbase.

It’s plainly an idea that won’t work purely because it’s a four against one vote and the Monster would be at an extreme disadvantage.

Also if you have problems with a Monster like that then you should search for a new lobby. Not them.


Whenever I dont boost and a player yells at me even though medic needs a boost more them them I wonder why they didnt add in a kick system

And why friendly fire isnt in this game…


Haha. Terrible idea, I know.

But that IS Quickplay. Running away from fights gets way too boring. Yeah, you’re right. The next monster will be just as god-like so there is no point, eh?


Thats not gonna happen. I had 2 topics last year with a vote kick option


That would be a better solution Maddcow. But a lobby system like this takes a lot of work and coding, it should really have been in from the start but since it wasn’t, will/can they change to it now?


[quote=“SunnyLover, post:12, topic:80568”]
And why friendly fire isnt in this game…
[/quote] I’d love that, hunter killing hunter will make a monsters life much easier!


I can just imagine it…

Trapper: "CAIRA!"
Medic: "Whoops! Sorry! Wrong grenades!"
Trapper: /dies


I don’t like the idea of vote kick. I’d like to see the leave penalty removed for Quickplay as it’s already pointless and would allow people to just move on to a new game if they’re not having fun (If I’m going to wait 2 minutes on a drop ship to rejoin a game we’re going to lose but the monster is a teabagging sort, I’ll already take the 1 minute penalty and join a new game)


No no we don’t need unnecessary L4D kicks


I took a group of 3 brand new players into a game and the monster T-bagged us after.

I mean, come on?
What ever happened to win with dignity.

Next person that does that will get a message personally from me.
Don’t ruin experiences for brand new people. Not cool.