KI Season 3 discussion


Just thought i would add this for people who are hyped like myself for the new KI season. And just for fun if you were to add any character from Evolve into KI who would it be?(clearly it wouldn’t happen)


Behemoth! :behemoth:


I think any of the monsters would be cool in KI


But horrendously over powered. :smiling_imp:


Imagining Goliath doing an Ultra Combo pure epicness


Charge/Leap Smash/Rock Throw/Flame Breath/Finish Him/Her


What is KI?


Killer Instinct


Oh like the old video game?


Yes sir. It’s a F2P game on X1.


Oh neat.

sits over here twiddling thumbs with his PS4


Coming to PC. Aww yiss!


Change Category to Games?


@Jedi_Warrior you play this right


Nope, I’m terrible at fighting games.


ki is by far the hardest fighting game to learn


I haven’t played this yet. I’ll give it a try later, but I can be horrendous at fighting games. :smile:


Ugh i’m stuck at work should have asked for the day off. I can’t contain hype ARRRGGGHHHHHH X-PLATFORM!!!


I’ll be streaming this for sure


I’m most hyped about gargos kim wu and mira