KFC Skin for Bucket


I don’t know if it’s called the same thing in the U.S but In the UK we have a bucket of chicken called a bargain bucket at KFC, so I was wondering whether someone could make some sort of art or something and pitch it to the devs since I can’t draw for shit. I was thinking to have him the same colour scheme and style as a KFC bargain bucket and to have a modified version of the colonel face on his metal chestplate, if we have gorgon-zola why not bargain bucket for a laugh.


Got a pic of what the bucket looks like? Just to be sure rather than trusting google.




And give him like a bowtie


So a normal KFC bucket then, gotcha lol. You said it like it might have been something out of the ordinary so I was not sure.


Lol I understand, it’s just what it’s called out here in the UK


Just gimme a few min, been years since I drew like…anything really.


My beloved bucket with Colonel Sanders slapped on his chest?


This is a awesome idea. @Buckets_Sentry_Gun


Lol thanks dude


almost done, trying to be quick but I am suuuuuppper rusty.



Alright dude


Im sure the legal department at TRS would love this lol


Lol I see what you mean, the bargain bucket name isn’t trademarked. and I suggested a modified version of the colonels face, so it doesn’t break any infringement laws, as long as there is no direct use of the logo I don’t think there would be a problem, but I’m no expert in law


To my konwledge this is also true, however

Youre banking on them not questioning it. Someone can always take you to court- And then itll be your job to defend yourself. Often at your own cost even if you do win. Heaven forbid you lose.

Would be funny though, of course :stuck_out_tongue:


It shouldn’t matter too much for fun lol
I was lazy with the logo anyways


Shouldve been a monster in the picture.

Hyde says monsters taste like chicken.

Abd if you seriously just quick sketched that- Thats flipping amazing. You go put that in the art section right now.


That’s fucking insane dude, loving the bucket head and the chicken on the chestplate
Kudos to you :thumbsup: