KFC is God! Chizza killa


Unfortunately if you’re looking to try this mash-up in the U.S., you’re out of luck: The delicacy is only available at KFC locations in the Philippines.


@Lord_Pharaoh it’s real :frowning:


KFC goes full 'murica
Then doesn’t sell it in the U.S.


I know right… Shame on murica…

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Guess we’ll have to be left with the hot dog pizza from Pizza Hut:

Most American food ever!

Oh my god, this is a heart attack.

Ew that kind of looks gross…

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So Murican


I ate it…I actually liked it (probably because I’m a ninja turtle nut and they ate the craziest pizzas ever)…I kinda want one right now…and I agree, I don’t think there’s meat in those “hot dogs.” I’m shocked it only just now made it to the US. This kind of food is all about the USA.

Warning: Some adult material:

I want to see, nay, I challenge!, the TRS staff to taste test this pizza for the next stream!
I love how the second woman from the left always looks disgusted.

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Maybe I’m just not into pizza.

Does anyone else find that new KFC dude a little more than extra crazy?

I think he can see you.
He licks your fingers while you sleep.

Hey, is this the real commercial for the Chizza?! OH MY!

shivers in fear
You know what I do like though? Their Famous Bowls…except I now call them sadness bowls because:

Again, Warning adult content:

SO TRUE…so true.

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They’re real,

I like the famous bowl, but it’s just a lazy dish just like Evolve is a lazy game.

You must not be playing the same Evolve I am because my matches are always INTENSE! Unless I am monster…then it’s probably a lazy game for the hunters, lol.

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I’m not talking about Evolve in those terms…

Would eat failure pile in sadness bowl again.

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I eat it everyday… it’s called my life. XD