KF2 Boot-Up Error. Anyone got a fix?


Before you start reading this, just keep in mind this isn’t for Evolve. This is for Killing Floor 2.

So I was playing the game fine with some friends and I needed to restart my game. When I tried to boot the game back, my computer completely turns off! When it finally restarts, I go to boot the game up and I get a Bug Splat error message.

I send the report and it sends me to this webpage: http://kf2_x64_win.bugsplatsoftware.com/browse/crashinfo.php?vendor=kf2_x64_win&app=KF2_Client&version=1007&id=180&row=80780

I do everything in that webpage, and another option I found online and neither of these work. I have one driver and its the most recent one.

Anyone happen to know a fix for this?