Keys for breaking a win streak


The new notifications for win streaks are a great little addition, as are the ‘Hidden Challenge’ rewards for getting certain amounts of consecutive wins.

One thing I notice, however, is that as soon as you’re at around 5 consecutive win streaks (as a monster usually), people start backing out. 10, even more so. 15, frequently.*

To prevent this, I feel like a decent reward for breaking a win streak would massively increase the incentive to stay. This could be as simple as a set amount of keys per character with a win streak - e.g.

  • A player on either side who breaks a character’s win streak of 5+ games gets 250 keys (and so two hunters with 5 game win streaks = 500; 10+ game win streaks the number could be increased etc.)

This would be respective of both hunter players and the single monster player. A monster against a good team with a high win streak could net big, while a hunter team that co-ordinates are all rewarded.

Look forward to your thoughts!

Not withstanding, I think there should be a key penalty for people backing out as well; explanation here.


An increasing key reward for ending a win streak?
Thats genius!


that sounds like a sweet idea.


I once ended a Premade with a 15 win-streak as Bob. Man, I wish we got keys for ending win streaks.


I swear this was suggested before


that would be awesome… people would not leave… maybe :slight_smile:


It’s like cashing in a bounty good idea man
Sounds like a job for abe


TRS needs to do it ASAP. It brings great incentive for defeating skilled opponents!


Nobody likes to play vs monsters on huge win streaks. For hunters it’s not a big issue since 1 person can’t even close to carry.


this game is not about carry. that concept can´t even work in evolve. you have to play your part.

oh and “yes one person can carry” if he picks up his microphone and says usefull stuff.


That’s a very confused post. First you say you can’t carry, because that’s not what this game is about. Then you say that 1 person CAN carry if they have a microphone, which is of course silly. You may be able to help lead people around the battleground and try to make calls, but you can’t actually make your teammates better than they already are in many other ways; also it’s their choice to listen to or ignore your calls and it’s often the latter in pubs.

I always ask when I’m playing Rval with a Bucket if they know how to combo with me. None ever have, so I explain it to them, but I’ve only had 1 out of maybe 10 do it properly with me when it comes down to battle time. I commended him on his good work and we handily won the game, because of him.


i think you are talking about carry as in dota or lol, where one person defeats the monster while the others do whatever scrubs do. is that right?


Exactly this game is about working together as a team. Not who can do the most work. This also cause the big learning curve.


After considering this idea, my Bucket said “MISSILE MISSILE MISSILE” :smiley:


Carry as in are responsible for most of the work that went into winning the game. Nobody is good enough in any team-oriented game to truly do it by themselves, but if their teammates are 25% as good as a good player, maybe that’s enough. What I was trying to say with my first post is that if you see a monster on a 50 win streak, you’re probably about to lose. If you see a hunter on a 50 win streak, but his teammates are on 0-5 win streaks, and you’re that 50 win streak monster, you’re probably still going to win as the monster without much effort. That make more sense ?


yes. thats the problem with evolve. This is not the topic of this conversation though.

but how can this be adressed? you are free to make another thread with suggestions.


It’s perfectly on topic I feel we just have a failure of communication here and your lack of understanding of my first post has led to it snowballing into me being unable to articulate to you its intention. I’ll leave it at that. Good day.


Question, when a Monster leaves during a match is it automatically a loss for them? Been encountering it frequently.


No, it’s not a loss and nor does it “break” their win streak.


Then I can’t see this idea really working cause you’re gonna have Monsters constantly leaving to pad their win streaks.