Keyforge the card game


Anyone on here playing keyforge? I just ordered 3 decks and I’m jumping into a tournament tomorrow.


One of my friends ordered a dozen or two. He explained parts of it and while I do like tournament competitions by FFG, the whole unique deck and chain balance mechanic raised a TON of red flags for me personally.


I am definitely waiting to see how the balance system is going to work out. I gave heard of 3 turn victories


Ya, it ‘sounds’ like an interesting idea, but unique decks just sound so… backwards. It’s like the business people in charge caught wind of online game transactions and decided to make a game around it or something… I do miss me some great classic netrunner though :frowning:


I’ve never played net runner. I’ll have to look it up.


It was really solid back when it came out in 2014 or so. I used to play competitively and won all the tournaments around the region. They did start to add some weird mechanics I wasn’t super happy with after a couple years and then due to moving and other circumstances more or less stopped playing, but I feel it’s one of the best 2 player card games that relies a lot more on skill than just top decking.


Welp, I gave the game a chance. I am REALLY not a fan. There are some super swingy cards and mechanics that I’m just not a big fan of. Even more so that I can’t pick the cards in my deck. I like the idea of having random decks, to an extent, as I love draft type mechanics. The big caveat is that there isn’t a lot of strategy of countering or preparing to defend against these swingy cards. The steal mechanic is REALLY strong, and some decks are just flat out terrible with no real redeeming quality. We played through 4 of them and I felt that even though I had significantly superior plays, I can still lose to a silly swingy card that has no real defense.

(This is coming from the playstyle of an avid tournament and competitive player) I feel that ‘casuals’ (And I mean that as in not a tournament mindset and not as bad players) would prally enjoy the randomness of the games perhaps.

On another note, I never thought I would see the day in which someone beats Wizards of the Coast in most lucrative filthy gambling type card game. Forget rarity of cards that you can eventually hope to get, now it’s an entire deck. Buy a deck and don’t get what you want, your ENTIRE deck is now useless. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just won 2 of the 3 games in the tourney I was in. Lost to a shadows miasma and bait and switch combo. Got a deck for free though!


Dude, bait and switch is such utter bull shit :smiley: Doesn’t even give a chain.


Especially when I had 15 amber.


The fun of drafting (to me) was choosing the cards to build the deck and creating a strategy from nothing.


I think deck building in general is like 75% of the game’s appeal for me sometimes.


Yup, I had a bait and switch when they had 0 and I had 12. One card stole 6. That is SOOO good. They are rewarded for being bad/behind. And there isn’t anything really to counter. :frowning:


There are two cards you can store amber on, they are artifacts and you can buy keys from them. Its knowing they have bait and switch is the problem.


But I think you can only store like 1 per turn…would be good if you had multiples.


Well technically in tournaments you are allowed to look through your opponents deck. That being said, there are just too many swingy cards. And since you can’t build your own decks to tech against whatever is the flavor of the month, it’s like a much worst case of RNG pack shopping. Even when I won games I never enjoyed it because too many cards just change everything. So trying to plan more than 1 turn ahead was usually futile. :frowning:


I have had moments like that. But when I do pull off a two or three turn combo, I feel great. I’m pretty sure it’s not quite ready without chains to even it out some.


Like bait and switch… maybe it should add a chain for every 2 or 3 you steal…


I think the steal mechanic in general is just too good. I think in general you can’t steal unless your opponent has more aember than you. This makes it so shadow can’t just steal 2-3 every turn with creatures that have elusive and worst if they have the location that makes you miss 1/3.

That being said, I feel that chains are a terrible balance mechanic in general. It doesn’t change the power of cards or anything, it just has you draw less. But if all your cards already much better overall, then no amount of card draw really balances it out.

Its weird to see a card like Bait and Switch and realize its considered a ‘common’ card… Same with the destroy all creatures in play.


Wrath of God as a common?

I don’t really know the rules of this game but that juts out hard as an imbalance issue.