Keyboard Backlight changes color with Evolve


I have a Logitech g510 keyboard that has key back-lighting.

I’ve noticed that Evolve is the only game I’ve ever played that changes the color of the back-lighting while I’m playing.
When the game first starts, it turns the lights Red. Then throughout the night, it changes color depending on what class I’m playing, I think. I’m not entirely sure what causes it to change colors.

It might be green, blue, white, red or a yellowish color.

Not complaining at all, i think it’s pretty awesome. can anyone clarify what the colors correspond to.


holy shit
i’m buying it


Can you put some images up for our mutual enjoyment :smiley: ?


Tell you what, I’m at work right now, but I’ll play it again tonight and I’ll get some pictures and post them :smile:


Thanks, i can imagine how awesome a keyboard which changes color depending on your evolve class must be.


That’s neat. It’s not unlike the light bar on the PS4.