Keyboard Backlight Activated?



I’ve had a Logitech G510 keboard for many years now but haven’t had the software installed to change light colours or use the display but as soon as I launch Evolve my keyboard changes colour. Goes red and orange etc! I think it is really cool and was just wondering whether it was an intended function as I tried searching for other posts on the subject and found no mention?! Like I said, its never changed for any other game as I haven’t got the drivers installed so I’m just curious whether Evolve installs and somehow utilises the extra keyboard functions?

Awesome game btw! Especially for an Alpha!


Agreed, when I first started the game, my Logitech G19 turned red and the screen of it was in use too. As playing multiple classes(including Monster), the keyboard would change to that class’s color.

As for the screen, only thing I’ve seen on it is the mission timer and respawn timer if someone is dead.


Are these mechanical keyboards? I know it doesn’t have to be backlit to be mechanical, but I’ve heard mechanical keyboards are very awesome. Wondering how you guys like them (if they are mechanical).

Also, if Evolve makes it change color based on class, that’s pretty cool.


As far as I know, the Logitech G series keyboards are not mechanical. I’ve been using mine for about 4 years now and still love it. It also makes me happy to see more games making use of it.

I believe this should work with newer keyboards that allow you to change the key colors.


Yep, mines not mechanical either. I think the whole thing with the lighting goes to show just how much thought they’ve put in to the game. I mean they keyboard changing colours is such a small and largely insignificant thing but its a sort of added bonus and makes you go ‘Nice!’. Its part of the reason why I preordered this morning! Usually never do but the Alpha has won me over.


I’m having this issue with my G710 and G600 and can find no way to disable this. It’s incredibly annoying and I’ve honestly spent more time trying to disable this over playing the actual game. Even if my keyboard is off this game will turn it on and to the maximum brightness. The mouse I can deal with but the keyboard simply hurts my eyes on the maximum brightness and I have to constantly readjust it only to have it set back after almost every loading screen.