Key reward for waiting in lobby more than 3 minutes!

Ye, since my Key fine to leavers post made quite much controversy, lets try another approach… So, instead punishing bad guys, lets we award good ones who wait patiently in lobbies, alt-tabbing for 4-5 minutes before gods of matchmaking take mercy and put every leave on right place so game can start!


Is it really that bad for some of you? I played a few hours tonight with little lobby trouble at all. Unless caused by me immediately leaving Arena when it popped up :wink:

Anyway, this sounds like the sort of thing a couple of mates could quite happily abuse so doubt it’ll happen. I personally dont have an issue with it tho :slight_smile:

I was having this problem last night.

Id totally be down for this.

Was doing some co-op just for SnG (And mostly to do some easy peasy character leveling) last night. Wound up in a party with 2 other people.

Never found a 4th.

We would just wait

and wait

and wait

and wait some more.

Until finally the game gave up and just stuck us in the match with a bot on the last hunter.

Matchmaking stuck sometimes, and you must exit reenter lobby

I did

This was over multiple rounds for over an hour or so.

Matchmaking does suck with lengths at times, I even had it where me and 2 friends sat waiting, found a forth and then a fifth, fifth quit and it split our premade into 3 different queues.
Other times I’ve been match after match with the same people till one side loses enough that the players quit.