Key Generation painfully slow?


At level 22, I’m getting a mere 50-100 keys per match. At this rate, It takes 15-20 games just to unlock a tier 1 perk. This feels worse than what it would take unlock a tier 3. At the current rate, it will take perhaps a thousand games while utilizing the free perk unlocks for leveling characters as well. Anyone else feel it needs to be buffed?


Some are only getting <20. Devs really need to look at it.


I’m sure things are being worked on. For balance to take place you need a starting location to then start the balance process, but I do agree it seems a bit slow without all the challenges. I’m sure I would be a bit upset if I hadn’t had all the hunters and monsters given to me for the whole Founder thing.


Again I’d say you guys are playing with Bots

But then that picture says “Daily Challenge” and Daily Challenges can’t be completed on Bots :confused:


How do you end a game with just a round bonus for keys? If you’re doing your job and filling your role right you should be getting more from things like xHealing tokens or some such. Right?


That’s what I was going to ask. I’ve never had just a completed challenge score.


I agree wholeheartedly. It seems as though key generation is meant to be the grind - I would not mind so much if it was 300 keys per match, but I’ve been getting around 50-80 per match and boy, it’s a grind.


I’m fine with low key generation. This gives the dev’s opportunities to incentivise things like rewarding bonus keys for finishing ranked placement matches or switching back and forth between playing monster and hunter.


There might be a reason for this:

  1. They haven’t nailed down the Key Distro yet, since this is less than a week in.

  2. Key Distro is slowed because a lot of the stuff is unlock-able by leveling different characters. Someone who plays a lot of different characters may get too many keys and nothing to use them on.

  3. Glitch that is giving out less Keys than intended.



I’m intrigued - so how many did you get in the game following that one?


Honestly don’t remember. I obviously don’t get 1800 keys every match. I’ve played EVERY character at least once since evolve went F2P and I’ve earned a shitload of coins by doing that. Levelling up every character and completing challenges is, as far as I can tell, a great way to earn coins. I’ve probably earned enough coins to buy a handful of new characters, but I mistakenly spent a bunch of them on Tier 1 and Tier 2 perks.


Also, I don’t recommend spending coins on Tier 1 or Tier 2 perks. Save them for buying new characters or unlocking golden level perks. (or skins, if you’re into that)


You have to keep in mind however that you got so many keys because of bonuses. Take away all the one off bonuses and you only got a little over 90 keys, which is pitiful. Me being a founder, I’m only missing 2 hunters and gorgon> I cant imagine what it’d be like for new players trying to unlock everything. Im stuggling to max out my perks, and depending on the perk, has a major impact.