Key fine for people who abandon fully assembled lobby!

That’s fine, but with a delay you wouldn’t punish the same group of players over and over again. Everyone wins.

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If I leave a lobby because its a map/mode I dont want I have the sense to wait a little bit before trying again as I hardly want to end up in the same lobby. Would kind of defeat the purpose.

The type of lobby hopper who rejoins immediately are probably the role hoppers, they guys who will only play medic or whatever and keep leaving/joining till they get it.

I hate those guys more than I hate the intelligent lobby-hopping crew, because at least the intelligent hoppers try to time it decently between hopping so they don’t end up in the same place. It might be disruptive but at least they’re trying to let us get on with it.

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Just adding my two cents to this.

I don’t think there should be any penalty that punishes a player. However i wpuld be fine if a player leaves a lobby, then they shouldn’t be able to rejoin said lobby. There are a multitude of reasons that people leave the lobbies, sone by choice and some less so

Everyone should have the right to be able to leave a lobby at will, as discussed earlier maybe due to family or personal reasons, or maybe simply because they don’t want to play in their given role or match type. Until there is a proper competitive game mode (i.e a ranked mode, not hunt beta) then people should be able to leave and try different lobbies

No one should be forced to play as class they don’t enjoy, nor should they be strong-armed into a game mode they don’t enjoy. My main reasoning is, that this is simply a game, and games are meant to be fun. If i was forced to play something i don’t like, say medic, then i should be well within my rights not simply not play them.

Since both arcade modes and hunt beta are casual game modes, then no severe penalties should be given out for leaving a lobby

[Quick edit] I’m all for a short 10 second delay, just to ensure that the people leaving won’t be put back into the same lobby which they left

Yep. exactly for all those reason, I said small fee! Its not even real punishment, you get ~ 100 keys on lost match, 200-300+ on match you won, and 10-20 keys is even less than random preferance bonus! You can leave 10x on one lost match if you put fine of 10 keys! Its more like psychological suggestion that leaving matches is bad thing

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But it is. Taking anything from the player is a punishment, however small it is. Instead of taking the currency, just not allow them to rejoin the lobby they left. The player left for a reason, and instead of punishing them for leaving, instead attempt to solve the reason they left.

Is mayonnaise on topic?


LoL is definitely the most disgusting gaming experience i’ve ever had. Forcing players to stay for an hour when they don’t want to (out of the fear that they might lose everything) leads to absurd levels of toxicity and stress. Who wants to play with people telling you to kill yourself, i’ve had games where players literally refused to surrender only for the sake of upsetting other players, it’s a really stupid system.

I don’t think I disagree with any point of your post, but I tend to look at League like I look at Evolve.

Do I have time to stay, play, or mess around for “X” amount of time? yes? I can queue.

The gaming experiences themselves are different, thank God. I couldn’t deal with Evolve if it had a League-esque playerbase.

Or rewarding me maybe cos 10 minutes waiting in lobby then!

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Thats actually a better idea. Instead of punishments, actually put incentives for people sticking with it. Things like the “non-specified role” bonuses are good, but i too small in the grand scheme of things. Make it so staying in a lobby consecutively means you get key bonuses.

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I don’t care about Key’s, so I would just leave. I would care about a cooldown on requeueing again

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Only after they make a better matchmaking system should they add a punishment for leaving.

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We need to pick the lesser evil here

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Not yet we dont. It would be insanity to include a lobby penalty while there are modes and maps included that many people dont want to play and cant be filtered out (and while Hunt Beta matchmaking remains so stubbornly out of whack).

When its all working as intended and a sensible preference system is in place for maps and modes then you will find me much more agreeable.

Its a beta, I accept the current issues but dont punish me because of them.

Hunt beta has terrible matchmaking because its not a instant thing… it takes time for it to settle your rank and 5 games is not even close to enough.

Terrible idea OP.

Let’s punish people for not wanting to play character or mode that they didn’t chose because bad MM system.

Why punish already frustrated players?

Most people don’t leave because they want to…

They leave because game does not deliver what was promised.

There is a reason why most of us leave Arena or Variants in Arcade…

Why not give us an option to filter out those modes out of Arcade?

Let us chose what mode we want to play …

Also please lock HUNT BETA for players >40 account level or something …

Let’s sort out lobby and mm.

Less dodging = less frustrated players = faster queue = more fun

Then and only then lets talk about punishments for leaving lobby and games…

Yes this is a long standing issue and needs some kind of punishment.
I looped the same lobby for 20 minutes watching two guys fight over monster, only for one to say OK you take monster we will stomp you.
And we did.
But it wasn’t a fun game, it was just 3 hunters watching two guys argue.


Don’t really need to revive a post that was 3 months old with 0 responses either at that point just make a new post.

TRS doesn’t believe in punishment, they believe in reward, so they reward those who don’t get the role they wanted with extra keys.