Key fine for people who abandon fully assembled lobby!

Yes, I was suggestion that before and Ill do that again and again! Leavers making finding party more and more annoying lately! Plz put small fine, 10 or 20 keys, not much, but at least something to say: just stay and enjoy in damn game!


Breezy approves of this message :+1:


Make it so that they can’t earn keys or xp on their next game, sounds like a good punishment!


Do this and although I love the game I will drop it like a hot potato.

I have a family and might have to leave a lobby for any number of genuine reasons. Phone call, knock at the door, child out of bed.

Some of you really need to get a grip.


Other games have drop penalties, what’s wrong with Evolve having one?


Yeah evolve is pretty unique in not punishing people who delay other people’s games, and that isn’t a good thing.

Why don’t we publish their addresses online and form an angry mob to take those nerds down a peg! STREET JUSTIIIIICE!


So I’m not trying to antagonize you I’m just curious, but if you think Evolve has terrible matchmaking and game modes why do you spend your limited time on it?

Please don’t take this the wrong way, love having you here and hope your Evolve experience becomes more enjoyable


As said in another thread, understanding and fixing what’s leading those players to leave lobbies would be an healthier solution for the playerbase.

I do agree that sometimes, things come up that will force you to have to leave a lobby you were queueing in. Why not make it that the first time you leave (in a game session) you won’t receive penalty or maybe just a time penalty, but if you keep doing it over and over the penalty increases?


Breezy approves of this message too :+1:

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a simple time penality starting at 10 seconds and the more you leave it will go up by 5-10 seconds until a max of 5 minutes and will reset once you start a game with a full lobby on arcade/hunt beta(i recall that hunt beta does have this but its much harsher).

this dosent seem too harsh and will reduce lobby dodging slightly, as it will not punish people who has an emergency/has to leave the match for an important reason , and punishes slightly lobby dodgers but they wont be able to do it for long until they have to wait for a certain amount of time.

didint legacy beta have this?

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I don’t think people will like when the game gets into their pocket…There should be some way of punishing those who leave, but I don’t think this is the way.

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Perhaps longer wait times then?

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