Key cost and experience gains?


So I was just wondering if anyone out there could provide what is probably quite a bit of information for me. Heres a few things I was wondering:

  • What are the average key costs for characters, character/weapon skins, perks of each tier, and whatever else you can purchase with keys?

  • On average how many keys do you earn per match and is it based off of your win/loss or your performance? Or both?

  • How do you earn experience for each character? Is it like legacy evolve where you can earn medals during the match which then turn into experience at the end of the match or is it based off of your wins? Or again both?

  • And does the experience earned for each character also add to your overall player level or is there a separate way of leveling up your player level?

If anyone can provide a comprehensive list of this info for me or even bits and pieces of it then that would be greatly appreciated. Or if this has already been posted you could link me to it because I haven’t seen this anywhere. I would do this myself, but I am still downloading stage 2 and it unfortunately won’t be done for hours. Plus I’ve seen that people are having problems looking up this problem in game anyways so this could be a good place to find it.

A Message to Our Community

Hunters are about 2750-5500 keys, monsters are 6500.

I have played 3 games and earned about 3K…it all depends on challenges and what you did during the match.

Each character has their own progression. Just play and you progress!

Yes, they all add to your overall level.

I hope this is enough.


Well dang, thats a pretty broad range for hunters. Is it like an increasing price for the increasing tiers or do each of the hunters seem to have their own random cost? And I was watching a youtube video where it appeared that each perk required 1000, 2000, or 3000 depending on the 3 different classes of perks and then to upgrade them it was that base rate plus a fixed rate depending on what level you were upgrading to. Can you confirm that?


I’ve seen unlock prices of 2k and 3k

I’ve seen upgrade prices of 1200,1400,2200,3400

In 3-4 hours play, I’ve got 10900 keys - worth noting had 4500 to start with


That’s strange. Lazarus is 8k for me. Wraith is 9k


I just grabbed a few and averaged while waiting for a match to load. You are probably correct.


So you’d say the hunter cost seems kind of random?


So that sounds like it probably at least somewhat confirms my thoughts on that. And @TheMountainThatRoars said that earning keys is largely based off of completing those challenges, but did you also gain them like a win bonus or anything else?


You gain a small amount of keys for each match, yes.

Just got 47 for my last win XD


I wouldn’t say that no, it seems the more difficult the person is to use the more expensive


I get maybe 300 keys every match .
I’ve bought one hunter.
And right now I have 4410 Keys.


I think hunters on rotation are effectively “on sale”, but could be wrong.


Oh that makes sense. I forgot that they had introduced the character difficulty ratings. I was thinking maybe it was due to previous popularity of a certain character but I suppose the difficulty rating makes more sense.


I think I would like that idea of them being on sale. Hopefully that’s the case, but then again I could see how that might get annoying depending on how cheap the sale would make them.


That sounds right, I bought bucket for cheap though .


I think I’m gonna buy Kala next .


It may well be that the difficulty rating is the thing, encourage people to buy the easier to learn hunters first!


I think the most expensive monster are wraith and Elder Kraken at the moment . Which makes sense, it’s gonna take me a while to get them .


That would definitely make a lot of sense.


Also, going back to my question about experience gains, do you guys know how that works now or if its been changed at all? Is it similar to legacy evolve where you upgraded your player level by earning medals throughout the game like the “trapping the monster 2 times in a single match” kind of things? Or is experience now tied to those challenges too?