Key Bind to inspect skins in game


Nothing fancy just a look over of weapons skin. Also for monsters please.


Um what are you asking exactly?


To inspect skins like CSGO or TF2 has. Ain’t gotta be fancy animation wise. An example being jack flipping his pistols around which would allow you to see the skin more.


And what purpose does this serve exactly?


Gives more incentive to get hunter skins. Also would be cool seeing Abe inspecting his shotgun while chasing a monster.


My guess is admiration. :slight_smile:


Exactly. Basically being like I earned this skin. This skin is mine. There are many like it but this one is mine.


I don’t know. Yeah it’s something small, but really unnecessary. The last thing I need in a pub game is hunter playing around with his gun only to get hit by a head on rockthrow. And you should always be aware of your surroundings, even when the monster isn’t near. Can’t really do that with this. IMO of course.


You’d be able to interrupt the animation just in case a wild wraith appeared.


Well there aren’t exactly any buttons you could bind this to.


I’m thinking it would just be a bindable key in settings that isn’t used. B does nothing I think. Maybe hold F to inspect.


And what about a controller?


Maybe hold a button or click the movement stick in since sprint is enabled by default.


That’s way too complex to work.


Holding a button?


I can’t remember, but I think automatic sprinting is enabled by default and can be changed. What if you have it disabled?


I suppose the joystick in the bottom right.


I guess. But I still think this wouldn’t be necessary at all. Again, imo.


That’s why it’s a suggestion. The map wasn’t necessary but that’s still in the game because some people do use it. Just like they’d use what I’m suggesting.


I know what you’re saying. I was just saying what I think. :wink: