Kept getting tranq'ed on a team with no tranq


So I was up against Laz, Maggie, Cabot, Markov.

I kept getting tranqed by something: Moving super slow and getting the message “you’ve been slowed”.
It wasn’t the traps, or dust. Super weird…

Nothing has changed that I haven’t heard about I hope.


Bullets slow monster buff for hunters


That damn broken as shit steamadon buff. A good hunter team can’t lose if they get it, it’s my top priority on any map containing steamadons. Luckily monsters get that initial head start.


Steamadon’s slowness perk. I’m assuming you were playing on either Aviary, Medlab, or Distillery. Those all contain Steamdons.


Yeah might have been
That explains it then.

Slow is a bit heavy, isnt it.

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It really is. Every bullet a hunter fires with that perk will slow you for a rather large portion of time.

Question has been answered, calling in an orbital @MidnightRoses.

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Quick get in

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