Keeping a medic alive VS a behemoth!


Keeping a medic alive VS behemoth is an almost impossible task. Lava bomb is super strong right now and if the medic is just grazed by it then the burn dmg is crazy!! Fissure is easy to dodge and so is his rockwall (just don’t get caught in it) Tongue grab (if hit by it) is guaranteed death when paired with rockwall and fissure and roll. If the behemoth targets a medic, hanks shield gets run through real quick, bucket and cabot cant help the medic, sunny can boost the medic around a bit and shield but her shield gets beat up or ran through quickly. @demonhunter1245 is probably the best behemoth I know and he admits its crazy OP. The dmg the behemoth can do now it dumb, needs a big nerf quickly. thoughts!!!

How do we feel about behemoth

Just out of curiosity, do you play on console?


yup ps4!!!


Its funny, on PC behemoth is considered underpowered, on Console hes considered OP. Love the differences.


Interesting, only thing I can say is its easier to navigate and aim with a mouse. Cause it is


I have an OP combo that guarantees a death, for even an assault with a shield on, its insanely ridiculous.
Tongue grab, into a fissure into a roll smash, into a lava bomb, then all you gotta do is keep the hunters in the lava bomb, Ermergerd.


Its because on PC hunters have insane accuracy, trust me I have played PC vs. Console. Ridiculous differences.


@10shredder00 @Destroyer123123 see ^^ top behemoths admitting it lol


I had to.
No regrets


Literally no one said he’s top behemoth. Plus, that combo would never work with any Assault who can actually dodge.

Also, still can’t take you seriously.



Learn to dodge.
And Lava bomb isn’t OP if you don’t stand in it.


@TheDumbassGamer he is a top behemoth and that’s all the proof I need, look him up on ps4


Clearly you havent played a Behemoth that doest miss a tongue grab.


I have.
Still won.


demon doesn’t miss tongue grabd and u wouldn’t dodge it!


its very OP a top behemoth said it. lol no comeback from that


Claiming that people are bad, wont fix anything.


Yeah because basing something off a theoretical combo is definitely saying something.

No offense to you @demonhunter1245 but the fact that you need to keep a hunter in a lava pool is a part of this glorious one hit combo only applies to a very small percentage of select situations.


exactly, cause demon knows i’m not bad, it’'s just behemoth is OP. plain and simple